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Excavator Quick Coupler/ Hitch

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Why do customers choose us?

1. Our cylinder warranty is 12 months and the average supplier only offers 6 month warranty.

2. The check valve used is imported from Taiwan, quality is guaranteed to avoid failures and affecting work efficiency.

3. Using shot blasting technology: smooth the surface of the product, It is more beautiful after painting. The most important thing is to remove internal stress and increase strength.

4. Provide customized services (please provide drawings)

5. The weld is strong and the product will not crack.

6. Provide customized promotional services (We will provide all data that you want, including photos, videos and other promotional materials)

7. Timely after-sales service to ensure solutions within 8 hours


About Multi-quick Coupler

1. The double locked quick coupler has higher safety performance, the driver can complete all operations in the cab, It does not require someone manual sales of safety pins, convenience and safety.

2. The double locked quick coupler's safety distance is expanded, and the range of use is wider. The safety distance range is around 60mm.

3. Their structure is different.

4. The safety factor is different. Double locks never fall off.


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