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    As usual, we participated in exhibition of Bauma CTT in Moscow from 5th _8th June, 2018.

  • Precautions for the use of hydraulic breaker

    The crushing hammer adopts the optimum design idea, enlarges the stroke of the piston and the cylinder body, uses the same big diameter of the piston and the brazing rod, so that the matching effect of the hammer and the main engine is better, the higher output energy is reasonably used, the energy

  • Precautions for the use of Bucket

    The use of buckets to excavate rocks will cause great damage to the machine and should be avoided; when it is necessary to excavate, the position of the body should be adjusted according to the direction of the cracks in the rock so that the bucket can be smoothly shovelled and excavated; the teeth

  • Visa-free in Hainan

    There is a good news that if you are from 59 countries as below you could come to visit Hainan of China with visa-free 30days. The countries list is Europe Russia, Britain, France, Germany, Norway, Ukraine, Italy, Austria, Finland, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Li


    50USD discount when the amount is 1000USD to 5000USD2% dicsount when the amount is 5001USD to 20000USD.5% dicsount when the amount is more than 20000USD.Any old customers recommend the new customer to us, he will aslo get the rebate in his own account after the new customer pay during March 5 to Apr

  • Export of construction create new record in New Year.

    2018 the beginning of the new year, Xugong excavator overseas market ushered in export opening. The total value of more than 100 export excavators in this export is over 50 million yuan.Xu xiangyang, deputy general manager of Xugong Company said:the “Xugong excavator exported to Thailand in bulk is

  • How to operate and maintain hydraulic breaker correctly?

    As the saying goes, sharp tools make good work. Hydraulic breaker is one of the most common attachments of excavator. Broken operations are often needed in the demolition, mine and urban construction. So how to maintain and operate hydraulic breaker correctly? These questions can not be ignored. As

  • The first snow in Changzhou in 2018

    Today is Jan 4 in 2018, Thursday. It’s a very common day, if snow doesn’t come. But the snow comes, and a little heavy. It makes everyone, everything different. What you see in the picture? A little kid, a special snowman, and our RAY earth auger and RAY hydraulic breaker. Yes, you are right. We ar

  • China-Laos Railway Project will be finished by late 2021

    Main project Construction of the China-Laos railway between the two sides is in progress and the 414-Kilometer railway will go into operation by the end of December 2021.The whole project will link Boten, the northern Lao Town bordering southwest China’s Yunnan Province, and Vientiane, capital of La

  • Win-Win Cooperation

    he 25th APEC Informal Leadership Meeting was held on November 11 in Da Nang, Vietnam. Xi Jinping made an important speech, Who is the President of the People's Republic of China. Vietnam was hit by Typhoon Damrey a few days ago, resulting in heavy casualties and economic losses. Let's express our de

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