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RAY Attachments
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Leading Quick Hitch Manufacturer in China Since 2002

1. Original Manufacturer with Competitive Price
2. OEM/ODM Services
3. 12 Months Warranty

Quick Hitch

Can't Find Ideal Excavator Quick Hitch For Your Industries?

We provide custom solutions to all our customers and offer quick hitch that you can take advantage of.

About RAY Attachments: Your Expert Quick Hitch Supplier

RAY Attachments is a leading manufacturer of quick hitch in China. All products' quality is strictly under control from processing to delivery. Can wholesale quick hitch. Through continuous innovation and improvement, the company has got ISO 9001, CE Certifications, and Technical Patents successively. Our products have been sold to widely domestic and overseas customers and long-term partnerships have been developed. We provide 4 types of quick hitch: Manual quick coupler, Hydraulic quick coupler, Multi quick hitch, Tilt hitch.

Quick Hitch Technical Parameters

 Quick Hitch Types

 Quick Hitch Specifictaion

Hydraulic Quick Hitch

Model Unit RQH-MINI RQH-02 RQH-04 RQH-06 RQH-08 RQH-10 RQH-17 RQH-20
Suitable Carrier T <4 4-6 7-10 11-18 19-24 25-32 35-45 46-80
Length mm 306-475 534-545 600 765 924-944 983-1050 1006-1173 1215-1425
Height mm 230-268 307 310 388 492 574 558-610 622-780
Width mm 175-242 258-263 270-280 353-436 449-483 543-568 606-663 640-740
Pin to pin distance mm 86-200 230-270 290-360 380-420 460-480 473-540 550-620 630-760
Arm width mm 86-185 155-170 180-200 232-315 306-340 375-411 416-469 472-560
Equipping Distance mm 90-140 208-318 340-450 340-486 256-390 413-590 520-590 570-780
Pin diameter mm 25-40 45-50 50 50-70 70-80 80-90 90-120 120-150
Weight kg 60 100 110 250 500 650 850 1150
Working pressure Kgf/cm2 40-380 40-380 40-380 40-380 40-380 40-380 40-380 40-380
Oil flow l/m 10-20 10-20 10-20 10-20 10-20 10-20 10-20 10-20

Multi Quick Hitch

Carrier T 1~2 2~4 2.5~4 4~6 4~6 6~8 10~15 10~15 15~27 15~27 25~30 25~30
Pin diameter mm 30 35/40 40/45 40/45 45/50 50/55 60/65 65 70/80 80/90 90/100 90/100
C-to-C distance mm 115~140 160-200 185~220 215~250 255~290 262~320 340~400 355~420 380~435 425~485 460~550 480~550
Arm width mm 100~125 110~125 125~140 145~180 150~180 185~220 215~250 250~270 300~340 305~340 350-390 390~420
Oil pressure Bar 40~248 40~248 40~248 40~248 40~248 40~205 40~205 40~205 40~205 40~205 40~205 40~205
Oil flow L/min 10~20 10~20 10~20 10~20 10~20 10~20 10~20 10~20 10~20 10~20 10~20 10~20
Hose Inch 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25
Unit weight Kg 21 31 47 60 70 97 160 170 275 310 430 490
Length mm 370 400 570 570 585 655 745 876 940 985 1065 1080
Width mm 200 220 280 280 290 312 390 390 475 475 510 590
Height mm 210 225 305 305 305 335 420 420 505 505 565 580

Tilting Quick Hitch

Item Model Unit RQH01T RQH02T RQH04T RQH06T RQH08T
Tilting quick hitch Excavator T 1-3 4-6 6-8 10-15 15-23
Weight KG 52 130 250 350 530
Size(L*W*H) mm 390*205*410 595*365*565 700*310*655 840*390*750 920*470*830
Cylinder Max pressure Bar 200 200 200 200 200
Psi 2900 2900 2900 2900 2900
Operation flow L/min 10-20 10-20 10-20 10-20 10-20
Gpm 2.6-5.2 2.6-5.2 2.6-5.2 2.6-5.2 2.6-5.2
Tilting cylinder Max pressure Bar 210 210 210 210 210
Psi 3046 3046 3046 3046 3046
Oil flow L/min 2-3 6-10 15-20 20-25 25-32
Gpm 0.52-0.79 1.6-2.6 3.9-5.3 5.3-6.6 6.6-8.5
Tilt Angle ° 180 180 180 180 140
Tilt Torque N.m 900 3200 7000 9000 15000
Remaining Torque N.m 2400 7200 20000 26000 43000

 Quick Hitch Advantages

Multi Quick Hitch Advantages

1. Welding Technique: 15 years experience, full welding and not easy to crack.

2. Grease Nipple: Make pin not easy to wear.

3. Double Lock System: Front jaw lock and Rear safety lock make the operation much safer. Which embrace the pins tightly even if the cylinder suddenly inoperation.

4. Imported oil cylinder and not easy to damage.

5. Without safety pin and excavator operator can operate  it in the cab alone.

6. Wide range of application: Compared with fixed C to C distance(A) of routine quick hitch,  multi quick hitch is more flexible. It is suitable for all attachments with the C to C distance(A) within its range. 


Free type with wider cylinder stroke, fit to wider excavator range
100% match your excavator pin size.
High precision(tolerance can be 0.18μm) for excavator pin size.
Blasting process with perfect welding

Multi Quick Hitch Installation Instruction
1. Open the cylinder, and ensure slide is fully extended with front jaw safety lock open.

2. Line up attachments and engage front attachments pin.

3. Close the cylinder. This will retract the slide mechanism and this will visibly lock the front jaw safety latch around front attachment pin.

4. Open the cylinder again. The sliding mechanism will extend and engage the rear slide hook onto the rear attachment pin.

5. Proceed with connection test.


Superior power and high eiciency
Maximizing productivity and reliability
The strongest durability on the same class prolongs its life
Simple & easy maintenance, less downtime


We will provide you with quick connect install manual and videos

 Quick Hitch Packing & Shipping
 Quick Hitch Videos
 Quick Hitch Catalogue

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Excavator Attachments

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Excavator Attachments

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Quick Hitch

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Cooperation Process

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Payment and production

Quick Hitch FAQ

  • How does it help customers realize the following applications?

    1. Dig horizontal foundation without leveling machine track. 2. Reduce waste and manual labor when filling gravel around pipes and manholes. 3. Circuit breakers on the sides of deep trenches that cannot be reached by standard couplers. 4. Extend the working range of the machine when cutting hedges or brushes. 5. Ability to reverse the bucket to allow the operator to dig under walls and pipes.
  • What are the advantages?

    1. It can tilt any bucket or attachment up to 180 degrees 2. No exposed gas cylinder, very safe and stable. 3. Our tilt couplers have double safety locks (front and rear) 4. Powerful spring-loaded safety lock can work in very harsh working environment. Don't worry about maintenance. 5. Made of ultra-high strength steel, which increases durability (while optimizing weight) and improves shovel performance. 6. Variable spindle center design allows you to easily access the widest range of accessories. As with this model, you can install accessories with different pin center distances from 230 to 310 mm.
  • What is the description of RAY Excavator Tilt Hitch?

    The RAY Excavator Tilt Hook provides instant tilting capability for your excavator attachment with a full 90-degree tilt in both directions for 0.8 ton to 25 ton excavators. When digging gets tough and manual digging isn't possible, a tilt hitch gives your excavator maximum versatility: when faced with difficult angles, there's no need to constantly reposition the excavator or risk tipping over the machine. RAY Tilt Quick Couplers are a great way to convert existing buckets to tilt excavator buckets.
  • How does a tilt hitch work?

    In an actuator tilt hitch, the hydraulic actuator is the pivot point and propulsion for the tilt motion; this allows the hitch to tilt as far as the motor allows, or until something gets in the way.
  • What’s the role of a tilt hitch?

    The role of the tilt motor hitch is to perform a more tilted hitch than the double plunger hitch. It can reach 90 degrees in any direction. Although it is named after a hydraulic actuator, it is not limited by the machine's plunger cylinder.
  • What is a tilt coupler?

    The interface allows you to put the bucket in normal standing digging mode and reverse it and put it in front bucket mode. In front shovel mode, you can dig under pipes.
  • How does a titling coupler improve versatility and productivity?

    Toggle quick couplers are more than just ordinary couplers. It is an advanced type that allows for seamless changeover of configurations and quick installation on the excavator. 180 degree rotation by rotating left and right allows machine operators to position machine accessories more precisely.
  • How do you release a tilt quick hitch?

    Close the quick-connect release button. This will release the front pin and unlock the bucket. You can now include the next attachment if desired.
  • How do I know if my machine is compatible with multi quick coupler?

  • What are the installation steps?

    1. Open the cylinder, and ensure slide is fully extended with front jaw safety lock open. 2. Line up attachments and engage front attachments pin. 3. Close the cylinder. This will retract the slide mechanism and this will visibly lock the front jaw safety latch around front attachment pin. 4. Open the cylinder again. The sliding mechanism will extend and engage the rear slide hook onto the rear attachment pin. 5. Proceed with connection test.
  • How does Multi Quick Hitch work?

    Two mechanical locking jaws are operated by a hydraulic system. They are locked when the cab's controls are activated.This is usually (but not always) accomplished by the crowd action function of the excavator which pressurises the hitch driving the locking function.
  • What are your warranty terms?

    1) 12 months warranty service. Other brands have only 6 months warranty, our brand warranty is one year 2) 24-hour after-sales team service. Whenever you need us, we will be the first to deal with your problem and ensure repair and use
  • How to demonstrate security?

    Double locking design with independent hydraulic system. Although in the event of a side leak, the front lock still does not interfere with the work of the front lock. Even when the cylinder breaks, the front lock locks the pin and ensures that it does not fall out.
  • Why should I choose your brand over others?

    1.Super long warranty. 12 months warranty period, other brands warranty period is 6 months. Secondly, we have a 24-hour after-sales service team to help you solve problems at the first time. 2. Brand guarantee. One-way valve from Taiwan famous brand. 3. Quality assurance. The welding seam is firm and the product will not be cracked. 4. Technical guarantee. Adopt shot blasting technology: make the product surface smooth and more beautiful after painting. The most important thing is to eliminate the internal stress and increase the strength.
  • Why should I choose it over the regular model?

    1. High security factor. Double lock design, no need to worry about the lock falling off, safe and secure. 2. Wider range of use. The safety range reaches 60mm, there is more use range. 3. Convenience. No need to use the safety pin manually.
  • What is the difference between the Multi Quick Hitch and the Normal One?

    What is the difference between the Multi Quick Hitch and the Normal One?
  • How do I know if my machine is compatible with quick coupler?

  • What are the misconceptions people have about hydraulic quick hitch?

    Generally speaking, it is always assumed that quick coupler are used when attachments are frequently switched. But in fact, it can also be used for quick changes between two excavator attachments of the same type.
  • What I need to look out for after installation?

    Once the installation is complete, you need to take care of two things. Firstly make sure that all the nuts and bolts are in a solid condition. Secondly if your machine has a filtration system, make sure it is in working order
  • How does the hydraulic quick hitch work?

    A quick connector is an accessory used to connect excavators and other mechanical parts, it is usually connected to the hydraulic cylinder of the power output shaft to achieve speed and quickness by quickly changing the type of connector

Factory FAQ

  • Are you a factory or trading company?

    We are a manufacturer. We have over 19 years of experience in manufacturing skid steers and skid steers. It is the top producer and exporter in the industry.
  • Where is your factory located?

    Our factory is in #5 ChuangSheng Road, Luoyang Industrial Zone, Luoyang town, Wujin District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
    It's near Shanghai port. It's about 1 hour by express train or 4 hours by car from Shanghai to our city.
  • How many days for production delivery?

    Ordinarily, it costs 20-25 workdays for 2x40ft containers. Sample order in 5 days.
  • What are your terms of payment?

    Payment≤20000USD,100% in advance. Payment>20000USD, 30% T/T in advance, balance after production completed. Or LC at sight.
  • How about quality control in your factory?

    Raw material inspection-checking drawing before production-inspect the actual size according to drawing-finished product inspection- testing report-package inspection-qualified certification.
  • How about guarantee?

    We provide 12 months warranty, which has a professional after-sales service team to solve your problems within two hours, 24 hours a day, 7 days.
  • Purchase notes

    (1) As the manufacturing factory, RAY Attachments works in international trade and can handle wholesale orders with containers' capacity.
    (2) We aim to find our business partner as our international dealers. 

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