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Hot sale RQH-08 Quick hitch for 20T Excavator

Quick hitch for 20 T Excavator
  • RQH-08

  • RAY Attachments


quick hitch

Quick couplers (also called quick hitches) are used with constructionmachines to allow the rapid change of buckets and attachments on themachine. They remove the need to use hammers to manually drive out andinsert the mounting pins for attachments. They can be used on excavator,mini excavator, backhoe loader and so on.

We can supply four type: hydraulic type, Double lock type,Tilting type andMechanical type.

Hydraulic Quick Hitch Information


1. Superior power and high efficiency.

2. Maximizing productivity and reliability.

3. The strongest durability one the same class prolongs its life.

4. Simple & easy maintenance, less downtime.

Hydraulic quick hitch

Type: Hydraulic quick hitch

Country: Indonesia

Excavator: 6T

Hydraulic quick hitch

Type: Hydraulic quick hitch

Country: United Arab Emirates

Excavator: 3T

Hydraulic quick hitch

Type: Hydraulic quick hitch

Country: Sri Lanka

Excavator: 20T

1.Convenient and Efficient:

   RAY quick coupler can be used on excavator to exchange accessories (such as breaker, ripper, compactor,           grapple, shear, etc)

   easily and quickly, enlarging the use scope of excavator. Installing one quick hitch to

   the excavator takes only 1 minute, enhancing the working efficiency of excavator.

2.Double Safety System

   Check valve Protection System: each cylinder installed safety check valve ensures that quick hitch coupler

   can work when the circuit and oil circuit is cut off.

   Safety Pin Protection System: security protection is customized for each excavator according to the different

   measurement. In the case of the failure of cylinder, quick hitch can work regularly. 

3.One Body Design

   Increasing durability 10 times more than the couplers with welded parts

Hydraulic Quick Hitch Specification 

Model Unit RQH-MINI RQH-02 RQH-04 RQH-06 RQH-08 RQH-10 RQH-17 RQH-20
Suitable Carrier T <4 4-6 7-10 11-18 19-24 25-32 35-45 46-80
Length mm 306-475 534-545 600 765 924-944 983-1050 1006-1173 1215-1425
Height mm 230-268 307 310 388 492 574 558-610 622-780
Width mm 175-242 258-263 270-280 353-436 449-483 543-568 606-663 640-740
Pin to pin distance mm 86-200 230-270 290-360 380-420 460-480 473-540 550-620 630-760
Arm width mm 86-185 155-170 180-200 232-315 306-340 375-411 416-469 472-560
Equipping Distance mm 90-140 208-318 340-450 340-486 256-390 413-590 520-590 570-780
Pin diameter mm 25-40 45-50 50 50-70 70-80 80-90 90-120 120-150
Weight kg 60 100 110 250 500 650 850 1150
Working pressure Kgf/cm2 40-380 40-380 40-380 40-380 40-380 40-380 40-380 40-380
Oil flow l/m 10-20 10-20 10-20 10-20 10-20 10-20 10-20 10-20

Suit for Following Excavator

Excavator Brand Model
CAT 307,E70B,308CCR/B/BSR,311,312,E110B, E120B,313C,M313C
DOOSAN S75-V/SDX75, S130LC, S140LC, DX140
HITACHI EX75/90/80U, AX90, UHO43, EX100/120/135/130, UHO63, ZX75US, ZX110/120/135/160
HYUNDAI R95/110/120/130/140
IHI 80NX, IS75/75F/120
KOBLECO SK60/80MSR/115SR/130UR/110/135
KOMATSU PC100/120/130/138UU/130-6
SUMITOMO LS2600FJ, SH100/120/135
TAKEUCHI TB68/175/070/70FR
SUNWARD 7.0, 9.0

Packing details:

quick hitch package
quick hitch package
quick hitch package
quick hitch package

quick hitch package
quick hitch package
quick hitch package
quick hitch package

Hydraulic Quick Hitch Video


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