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Vibro Ripper

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About RAY Attachments: Your Expert Vibro Ripper Supplier

RAY Attachments is a leading manufacturer of Vibro Ripper in China. All products' quality is strictly under control from processing to delivery. Through continuous innovation and improvement, the company has got ISO 9001, CE Certifications, and Technical Patents successively. Our products have been sold to widely domestic and overseas customers and long-term partnerships have been developed.

Vibro Ripper Technical Parameters

 Vibro Ripper Types
Vibro Ripper


Vibro Ripper



Excavator Ripper

 Vibro Ripper Specifictaion
Model RVR-30 RVR-40 RVR-50 RVR-60 RVR-E7 RVR-D8 RVR-D10
Power(KW) 75 75 85 102 170-210 204-255 255-320
Motor (CC) 90 90 110 125 110*2 125*2 110*3
Impact force(KN) 295 315 385 450 550 750 860
SIZE Length 2780mm 2780mm 3235mm 3235mm 3765mm 4030mm 4340mm
Width 960mm 960mm 1110mm 1110mm 1180mm 1160mm 1160mm
Height 1400mm 1400mm 1565mm 1565mm 1775mm 1900mm 2360mm
Wroking flow(L/min) 120-170 145-195 155-210 175-250 308-400 350-450 450-675
Working power(Mpa) 26-31 26-31 26-31 26-31 31.5 26-31 26-31
Weight(Kg) 4000 4300 5200 5500 7000 10000 14500
Excavator(T) 20-25 25-29 30-35 35-45 46-60 60-90 80-120
 Vibro Ripper Advantages
1. Mass demolition,civil construction.
2. Open pit mining area,tunneling.
3. Downtown construction site.
4. Noise restriction area.
5. Cracked rock and layered rock.
Model Rock Type
D10  Moderately differentiated granite,syenite,basalt,quartzite,conglomerate,gneiss
 Weakly weathered Sandstone,conglomerate,limestone,shale,Limestone,Dolomite
D8  Fully weathered or Strongly weathered granite,syenite,basalt,quartzite,conglomerate,gneiss
 Moderately differentiated or Weakly weathered Sandstone,conglomerate,limestone,shale,Limestone,Dolomite
E7  Fully weathered or Weakly weathered granite,syenite,basalt,quartzite,conglomerate,sandstone,limestone
 Moderately differentiated or Weakly weathered Sandstone,shale,limestone
RVR50-60  Strongly weathered Granite and syenite
 Soft rock(Shale and Red sandstone)
RVR30-40  Soft rock(Shale and Red sandstone)
 Fully weathered granite,syenite
 Vibro Ripper Packing & Shipping
 Vibro Ripper Videos
 Vibro Ripper Catalogue

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Excavator Attachments

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Excavator Attachments

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Vibro Ripper

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Vibro Ripper FAQ

  • What's the feature of vibro ripper?

    1. Same hardness working situation ( Less than 5 level hardness). Vibro ripper productivity can is 3-5 times as equivalent to breaker.
    2. Different working principle. Vibro ripper use resonance principle ( when the object in the external vibration frequency and its resonance frequency is equal,the object be broken ), So it has higher efficiency.
    3.Unique “Anti-Shock” system consisting of special structure and cushion elastomers offering maximum protection to the machine ( Excavator )
  • How to choose the suitable model?

    1 What's the model of excavator?
    2 How much percentage of Ca or do you have geological report?
    3 Can you share the pictures and videos about stone?
  • Why choose RAY vibro ripper?

    1. We are navigator of Chinese Vibro Ripper and we have professional technology team,produce team and Sales team Our vibro ripper has won two national invention patents and a number of utility model patents, is protected by China Intellectual property.
    2.Special external strcture:We use air spring on top of Vibro Ripper,some brand use side rubber design.
    2.1.No side rubbers design, to get more power  from the vibration .Don't limit vibration stroke distance and to gain greater ability of broken.
    2.2.Air spring on the top of the shell to reduce  90% vibration force to the excavator and protect body of vibro ripper.
    2.3.Opening shell design, easier to maintaining.
    2.4. Bolted connection tooth adapter, reduce  the probability  of damage on the adapter. 
  • What is the vibro ripper?

    The vibro ripper is a physical crushing device that is intergrated with mechanical hydraulics, digital monitoring. the teeth of the vibro ripper can cause impact on the object ( crushing targets) due to the action of the vibration exciter which are crushed therby. the vibro ripper wordks by way of the centrifugal force f incurred by the rotation of the exxcentric gear in the vibration casing driven by the hydraulic motor under the hydraulic energy of the excavator.
  • What will excess temperatures give rise to?

    (1) Damages on vibration gear system and untimely cost
    (2) Damages on the vibration bearings
  • What will too much empty hits give rise to?

    (1) Untimely cost of the bottom rubber
    (2) Damages on the vibrate case
    (3) Overlarge noises and damage on the whole machine
  • What will happan when too much space on the excavator’s link pins?

    (1) Pins breakage
    (2) Cracking on the top shell of the vibro ripper
    (3) Overlarge noises
  • Top and bottom linkages are too much in side of the rocks, when the top and bottom linkages were hitting the rocks or other hard materials frequent will give rise to?

    (1) Damage to the top and bottom linkages
    (2) Cracking on the welded area
    (3) Untimely cost
    (4) Breakages on the top and Bottom linkages and damage on the bearings.

Factory FAQ

  • Are you a factory or trading company?

    We are a manufacturer. We have over 19 years of experience in manufacturing skid steers and skid steers. It is the top producer and exporter in the industry.
  • Where is your factory located?

    Our factory is in #5 ChuangSheng Road, Luoyang Industrial Zone, Luoyang town, Wujin District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
    It's near Shanghai port. It's about 1 hour by express train or 4 hours by car from Shanghai to our city.
  • How many days for production delivery?

    Ordinarily, it costs 20-25 workdays for 2x40ft containers. Sample order in 5 days.
  • What are your terms of payment?

    Payment≤20000USD,100% in advance. Payment>20000USD, 30% T/T in advance, balance after production completed. Or LC at sight.
  • How about quality control in your factory?

    Raw material inspection-checking drawing before production-inspect the actual size according to drawing-finished product inspection- testing report-package inspection-qualified certification.
  • How about guarantee?

    We provide 12 months warranty, which has a professional after-sales service team to solve your problems within two hours, 24 hours a day, 7 days.
  • Purchase notes

    (1) As the manufacturing factory, RAY Attachments works in international trade and can handle wholesale orders with containers' capacity.
    (2) We aim to find our business partner as our international dealers. 
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