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Infrastructure Laying

Foundation laying forms the bedrock of infrastructure development, serving as the fundamental support system upon which various structures and utilities rely. Whether it's the construction of buildings, bridges, or highways, the integrity and stability of the foundation are paramount to the safety and longevity of the entire project.
In the realm of infrastructure development, specialized equipment and attachments play a crucial role in ensuring the precise and efficient execution of foundation-laying tasks. From driving piles to compacting soil, each phase of the process demands tailored solutions capable of meeting the unique challenges presented by different soil conditions and project requirements.
With advanced hydraulic attachments designed specifically for foundation-laying applications, construction professionals can tackle a wide range of tasks with confidence and precision. These attachments not only enhance productivity but also contribute to the overall quality and durability of the infrastructure being built.

Application Scenario Type

Vibro Hammer

  •  Immersed pipe laying
  •  Foundation strengthening
  •  Piling
  •  Geotechnical improvement
  •  Foundation Reinforcement
  •  Vibratory settlement
  •  Vibratory Drainage
  •  Bridge Piling
  •  Coastal protection works
  •  Rock excavation
  •  Steel Structure Piling
  •  Sinkhole Construction
  •  Water conservancy piling

Crushing and Screening Bucket

  •  Crushed rock recycling
  •  Earthmoving
  •  Foundation waste processing
  •  Screening and sorting
  •  Screening and sorting
  •  Foundation Rehabilitation
  •  Construction Waste Processing
  •  Ore Crushing and Screening
  •  River Dredging

Rotary Drilling Rig

  •  Deep Foundation Excavation
  •  Underground pipe laying
  •  Rock drilling
  •  Steel structure piling
  •  Pile Bearing
  •  Geotechnical Piling
  •  Sinkhole drilling
  •  Underground Engineering Exploration

Crusher Bucket

  •  Crusher Bucket
  •  Limestone crushing
  •  Construction waste reuse
  •  Rock crushing and screening
  •  Coal mining waste processing
  •  Asphalt Pavement Rehabilitation
  •  Ore Crushing
  •  Railroad switch construction

Hydraulic Compactor

  •  Soil compaction
  •  Landfill compaction
  •  Foundation backfill compaction
  •  Foundation reinforcement compaction
  •  Landfill leveling
  •  Sand site compaction
  •  Ground leveling and compaction

Long Arm Boom

  •  River dredging
  •  Deep water excavation
  •  Building deconstruction
  •  Riverbed preparation
  •  Riverbank Restoration
  •  Underwater work
  •  Geological exploration


  •  Earthmoving
  •  Waste disposal
  •  Ore mining
  •  River dredging
  •  Cement mixing
  •  Road Paving
  •  Crushed Material Handling
  •  Building demolition

Quick Hitch

  •  Quick change of multiple excavation attachments
  •  Increased operational efficiency
  •  Increased operational flexibility
  •  Reducing the risk of damage to machinery
  •  Suitable for different scenarios
  •  Reduced labor costs
  •  Reduces breaks between operations
  •  Increase equipment utilization

Clamshell Bucket

  •  River dredging
  •  Harbor loading and unloading
  •  Garbage disposal
  •  Deep water operations
  •  Sinkhole construction
  •  Building Demolition
  •  Earthmoving
  •  Underwater work


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