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2018 Shanghai BMW Exhibition Highlights

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The highly-respected 2018 Bauma Machinery Exhibition ended in perfection on the 30th. This is a short four-day exhibition. Every aspect has set a new record: the exhibition area has reached a new high, breaking through 330,000 square meters. Shanghai has been used. The entire exhibition area of the New International Expo Center is 10% larger than the previous one. A total of 3,350 exhibiting companies from 38 countries and regions have gathered, and the number of exhibitors has increased by 13%. The number of professional visitors of 212,500 has increased by 25%. The exhibition has a new starting point for the Chinese construction machinery industry from different perspectives such as product intelligence, manufacturing intelligence, service intelligence and management intelligence. Let us now take a look at the wonderful moments of the exhibition.

shanghai buma

At the XCMG exhibition site, we saw a 700-ton hydraulic excavator with a height of three floors attracting the attention of the visitors. It is understood that this 700-ton hydraulic excavator can complete the loading and transportation tasks of more than 30,000 tons of coal in 8 hours. The efficient work efficiency is a major breakthrough for the Chinese mining industry. 


As a leading enterprise in the global equipment manufacturing industry and a heavyweight exhibitor, Zoomlion has launched its 8 series of 28 4.0 star products with the theme of “Intelligent Manufacturing and Building a Better World”. During the exhibition, Zoomlion seized nearly 4 billion yuan. 

excavator attachments

On the other hand, Sany Heavy Truck made its debut at a large international exhibition. On the first day of the exhibition, it was followed by domestic appearance exhibitors. Among them, Mr. EID from Kuwait, after personally boarding the Sany heavy truck test, immediately decided to order 500. The order amount is nearly 200 million yuan. 图4

And our Raymond, did not make so much money in this booth, but it also shines.

On the morning of the first day of the exhibition, our old customers immediately placed a list of 20,000 US dollars to drive the head, because we have a special promotional price during this exhibition, which also attracted many customers to buy. 

Another customer from South America saw our quick couplers on the Alibaba platform. I feel very good. This time I came to our booth and saw the appearance and weld of the product. I came to the booth for 3 minutes. There are three sample orders in the market. After all, no seeing no believing, this is one of the reasons why we are coming to the exhibition. Let more customers see our products and feel our products with their eyes.

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