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Be proud of Made in China

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According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), this year, the Chinese costume drama "Yanxi Palace" has won a good reputation among the audience with its compact plot and beautiful and freehand style. At the same time as the hot screen, "Yanxi Palace" has become the most searched TV series on Google in the world in 2018.

Google's analysis shows that in addition to the unstoppable popularity in China, people from Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei have shown great interest in the show.

On the video site iQiyi, the "Yanxi Palace" has been played more than 15 billion times. In July of this year, the show premiered at iQiyi, and then entered China's domestic TV channel and more than 70 overseas markets. It has become the most watched online drama in China this summer for 39 consecutive days.

According to the BBC's report, the unique features of the "Yanxi Palace" make it an undoubted annual entertainment hotspot.

The Yanxi Palace is the latest example of the successful capture of Chinese audiences by female dramas. Previously, another palace drama "Empresses in the Palace" was also successful in China.

Another important reason is that the "Yanxi Palace" will be broadcast on the Internet before being broadcast on TV. The show's co-producer and launcher, iQiyi, is one of China's most popular online video platforms, helping the show get a huge amount of traffic.

Iqiyi founder and CEO Gong Yu said that iQiyi "intentionally chose a less well-known actor, to resist the trend of the Chinese film industry to pay too much attention to traffic stars in the near future."

According to Chinese "People" magazine, the producer of the drama, Yu Zheng, said that the total cost of the actor is even less than one tenth of the cost of production. Yu Zheng added that the rest of the money is mainly spent on clothing and makeup.

Careful production, fine clothing, make-up and attention to detail have won the audience's love.

So we believe not only Filmography, but also any goods made in China, careful production, detailed points. Like our excavator attachments, quality and price are focused on. But good surface is also important. One VIP customer told us it’s same with women: her heart might be golden... but if she's ugly, less man will check her out. 

Our main products are earth auger, excavator quick hitch, pile breaker, hydraulic breaker (jack hammer), vibro ripper, hydraulic grapple, hydraulic crusher and shear.

We have Exquisite surface like women and solid body like Kong Kim. Make your engineering easier and faster.

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