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Famous attachments

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As the number of domestic excavators continues to grow, the level of profitability of users engaged in earthmoving engineering is relatively low, and they are all trying to develop new engineering profit points. Excavator attachments allow one piece of equipment to take on more engineering projects. What is the future of the industry?

excavator quick hitch

According to the data, it is found that the penetration rate of excavator attachments in China is still far from the mature market in foreign countries, which means that the domestic excavator attachment market has a very large development space.

At present, the rise of labor costs and the improvement of construction quality and efficiency requirements, the demand for efficient, fast and low-cost attachments in the construction field is becoming more and more urgent. At present, more and more users are becoming “the first to eat crabs”, trying to use their various accessories to improve their engineering revenue.

In the excavation process of the foundation pit of Nanjing High-speed Railway Station, a large amount of weathered rock needs to be broken. The construction method of the traditional excavator configuration breaker is challenged: the breaker can only break the weather fossil from point and surface, and the low efficiency; due to the limited area of the foundation pit, multiple excavators are working in the foundation pit, which affects the loading.

Because of the more difficult of the project,  the more application of new construction methods and new attachments apperanced,  some projects using the ripper for the projects. Unlike the single-point operation of the breaker, the ripper can crush the weathered rock piece by piece, and the work efficiency is greatly improved, and several other contractors are pushed out of the construction site. Whether the penetration rate of attachments can be improved depends on its return on investment. In certain specific conditions, more specialized accessories can subvert the efficiency of the work, and the contractor earns a lot of money.


The equipment habits of end users in China are very characteristic. The work that can be done with one machine will never find a second one, even if this equipment is more professional. Therefore, the excavator carries a lot of work that is not within its scope of responsibility and often turns into a loader or crane. The emergence of quick coupler and multi-functional attachments is able to cater to this demand from customers.excavator quick coupler

The so-called multi-purpose machine is to make the excavator a platform with different attachments, which makes it suitable for a variety of working conditions. In particular, some municipal constructions with small amount of earthwork, for local and short-term working conditions such as pipe hanging and compaction, if the rental of professional equipment will raise the construction cost, the contractor uses an excavator equipped with various attachments. It is possible to undertake the entire set of projects, and the level of income will undoubtedly increase significantly.Such as a pile breakerpile-breaker

Excavator attachments are an emerging industry, but for the current Chinese market, the entire accessory industry market is still in the introduction period. However, with the gradual improvement of the customer's cognitive level, the total amount of the entire accessory market will further expand, and its production cost will gradually decrease. The future development of the market will remain very optimistic.

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