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Have you using the Hyraulic Grapple before?

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Have you using the Hyraulic Grapple before?

Our RAY Hydraulic Grapple family has three types of grapple. Wood type, Stone type and Scrap type.

Grab is a lifting appliance which depend on jaw opening and closing crawl and unloading bulk material. According to be stacked capture material density is divided into light, medium, heavy, and super heavy. So it can handle of stones, pipes, disposable waste, landscaping works and many others.

What are the differences between these three types?


For the Wood type, it is no teeth and enough to carry the wooden.

For the Stone type, It has Durable teeth and keep the stone stable,never fall down.

For the Scrap type, It will be used to grab scrap, garbage and so on. And also, it is more powerful. If you are interested in these, you can find the video in our website or contact with our sales,  they will provide which you want.

Our advantages:

We using the export motor hydraulic: Driven by M+S motor with brake valve and aslo using high strength rotating support device. The operator can control the rotating speed 360 degree clockwise and anticlockwise rotating.

The cylinder with USA safety valve (USA SUN brand). It is equipped with non-return valve, more safety for grabbing.

Flexible design: The grabbing shape of RAY grapple can be customized as customers' request in order to meet operation requirement. It also can be made confirmed. Light weight with wide opening jaws show outstanding performance of grabbing as well as maximizing operating efficiency.

What kind of service and repair can we provide?

1. Seals of the hydraulic cylinder and the rotating parts can wear and should be replaced when used over a year.

2. Rotating axle rotates 360 degree unlimited rotation and facilitate the accure works from any angle. Rotating axle performs intended function only at the designated position and do not peform other works like bending or crushing. It should be noted that the warranty terms and conditions shall not apply for the damages caused by the forced impact on the rotating axle. Adequate bolt tightening and use of lubricants are to be inspected on the

rotating axle.

3. When new bolts are installed, check the bolt after 8 hours use and tighten the bolt if there is any looseness. Approximately 1500 hours or 12 months after the installation.

4. Inspection of swing bearing lubrication:make sure to inject anti-corrosive agent every 6 months.

What are you waiting for? We are the right person for you to provide the grapple. Welcome to inquiry!

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