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Have you using the pile breaker for your projects?

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RAY attachments hydraulic pile breaker can be easily operated with high efficiency, low noise, low cost, safety and relidability, without any impact on the load-bearing capacity if the pile as well.

We provide two models for round pile breaker: SP380 and SP800.

How to choose the suitable model for your projects?

It needs to according to your pile diameter to choose model. If your pile diameter around 300-1050mm, you need to choose the SP380. If the diameter around 500-2000mm. You can choose the SP800 model. SP800 is the heavy duty type, if your diameter is bigger, this model will the best choose for you.

What should you pay attention to when using the machine?-The maintenance and repair for machine.

The hydraulic pile breaker is easy to repair and maintain. When the pile breaker works continuously for 1 month or breaker 1000 piles, Please stop operation and check whether the components of the modules are in good condition.

1. Check the lifting device for damage and cracks, especially the sling chain and chain shackle. Please check each part carefully. If there is any damage or crack, please replace it immediately!

2. Check the working device, especially the rod chisel and hydraulic parts! The rod chisel is a direct working part. When a certain amount of work is reached, it is easy to break. Pressurize the chisels all out, and inspect each of them one by one. If there is any damage or crack, please replace it immediately. If it is intact, each hydraulic part is also Check them one by one, and if there are damages and cracks, update them immediately.

Daily maintenance key points:

1. It is necessary to check whether the guide flange bolts are loose or displaced.

2. It is necessary to use the air pump air pipe to align the guide flange and the drill rod gap for gas cleaning, which will blow out the dust entering the guide flange, and maintain the drill rod, guide flange and cylinder for good.

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