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Help you find the suitable hydraulic pile cutter

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Help you find the suitable hydraulic pile cutter

RAY specializes in excavator attachments. We can help you find hydraulic attachments that suit your needs and budget.

1. What’s Pile Breaker?
2. What’s the advantages of Pile Breaker?
3. What are the Features of Pile Breaker?
4. Operation tips

What’s Pile Breaker?

Hydraulic pile breaker is an advanced, efficient and time-saving system for dressing concrete outcrop and foundation piles, while keeping intact the rebar and structural integrity of the piles. The pile driver produces a perfect horizontal pile-cutting finish without damaging the rebar or leaving cracks below the cutoff level. This efficient pile-cutting system is very modular and can be easily adjusted to each concrete pile diameter on site. The Pile Breakers are hung from either an excavator or crane and come in 3 models: Light, Heavy and Square. Links in the modular Pile Breaker can easily be added or removed to alter its diameter to suit the pile to be cropped. Round diameters range from 300mm up to 2000mm and Square from 300mm up to 550mm.

RAY square pile breakerRAY round pile breaker

What’s the advantages of Pile Breaker?

Pile drivers are many times faster than conventional concrete crushing processes and are fully automated throughout the operation. Concrete pile drivers are easy to operate and maintain because they require no special skills. This reduces the risk cost and extends its service life. And the special design also makes the RAY Pile Breaker longer service life: When the pile breaker operates, the chisel will work on the pile. It will produce counter (acting) force for the front of the module, putting pressure on the structural parts, not on the connection. It is good for the frame and protects the cylinder. Other’s pile breaker. When it operates, the counter (acting) force will produce behind the module, so it is bad for the cylinder. And the frame is easy to break.

What are the Features of Pile Breaker?

● Very powerful cylinders

● Very compact dimensions, Robust design – very long life-span

● Low cut-off level

● Modular design – easy to add/remove links

● No cracks below cut level

● The reinforcement remains fully undamaged and intact

● Leaves a perfect horizontal concrete fracture

● Excellent service and spare parts availability, very simple to replace worn tips

● Quick diameter adjustment

Pile-Breaker-Advantages2  Pile-Breaker-Advantages1

Pile-Breaker-Advantages3  Pile-Breaker-Advantages5

Operation tips:

The excavator lifts the pile breaker over the pile and at the first stage a complete horizontal fracture is made. The chisels penetrate in the horizontal direction up to the re-bars for about 5-10 seconds to make the fracture( breaking time depends on the diameter of piles). At the second stage the chisels penetrate further and due to the shape of the chisels and the reaction forces by the rebars, the concrete will break into pieces and can easily be lifted off the pile.


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