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How to choose the pile breaker?

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You know in the market there are kinds of pile breakers and different brands. Our company’s developing and experience will tell you the truth of which style is more durable and how to choose the different models of pile breaker.

At the beginning our pile breaker like this we call it first generation pile breaker. The  cylinders are post position.And the hoses stand on the cylinders.

While the feedback from market said it was easy to be broken and cracked of the steel structure at the back. Our engineer thought it was the material problem at the first reaction. We changed high grade steel and do the test. But the same problem came out again.   After continuous reaching and comparison we found the main problem was not material itself it was the structure problem. And then we change the guide flange from outside of frame to inside as the photo below. The quality issue got final resolved at last. At the meanwhile it got good feedback from our customers。This upgraded pile breaker we named second generation.


We never stop on the way of innovating. For adapting much more heavy duty projects we improve the old model SP606 to SP808. The crushing power from 680KN to 800KN and the cylinder stroke from 180mm to 205mm. The power and effect increase 1.1 times more than old style. But the price almost same as before. This big change of RAY Attachments pile breaker is good for our customers. Which not only strengthened pile breaker but also increase the cost performance and improve the efficiency.

Don’t worry the heavy cylinder will give the break the steel bar.

Firstly it is allowed for a little out of shape of steel bar. Secondly the special shape of chisel will prevent the chisel from extruding the reinforcing steel bar.

How to choose the model? Just tell us the model of carrier(Excavator or Crane) and the diameter of pile. We will help you to choose with your our expertise.

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