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How to choose the suitable model for grapple

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How to choose the suitable model for grapple

Changzhou Raymond Precision Machinery is a professional manufacturer for excavator attachments. The main products are hydraulic grab, earth auger, quick hitch, hydraulic hammer, pile breaker, vibro ripper and so on. Our goods has been exported to any countries and region, such as Russia, Korea, the USA, Germany, the UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Belarus and so on. And our customers are satisfied with our goods, and get a good reputation and feedback. Today we’d like to teach you how to choose a suitable model for your excavator and project. As we need be responsible for each model including operation, after service and each process.


First We need know: the model for our grapple is according to excavator model (operation weight of excavator), as the oil flow must match our attachments of excavator.


For example PC120 model, our customer want to choose a smaller mode as some special reason. So how to choose and give suggestions?

According to our experience and the feedback form our customers, we still recommend RHG06 model. As below are the reasons why we recommend RHG-06 not RHG-04 model.

1. For PC120 excavator, the oil flow is about 90L/min. For RHG-04 model which is fit from 7-11T, the weight is 390kg and the oil flow is 50-100L/min. 100L/min is the max for cylinder and motor, the oil flow 100L/min for PC120 is very common date. And long time high oil flow for hydraulic motor is also not good, it will affect the service life for hydraulic motor. But for RHG-06 model which is fit from 12-16T, the weight is 740kg and the oil flow is 90-110L/min. The range is better for motor.

2. Cylinder force(capacity): For RHG-06, the max cylinder force is 800kg*2(as there are 2 cylinders), so total capacity is 1600kg. But for RHG-04, the max cylinder force is 450kg*2(as there are 2 cylinders), so total capacity is 900kg. And for 12T excavator grab 1T ore 1.5T goods is very common. But for RHG-04, if often grab overweight goods, the cylinders will be broken easily. And without any free warranty.

3. For opening jaw: for RHG-06 is 1800mm and for RHG-04 is 1400mm. The bigger one have wider range for grabbing goods.

In summary, please match our specification, then you can ease use.

If you have any other problems, feel free to contact us, we will be patience to answer your questions. If you are interested in our other RAY products, we will recommend our goods with details professionally. Our purpose is to solve your project problems or business requirement.  

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