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How to dig post holes

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Whether you are building a fence, planting tree, digging telegraph pole’s holes or finishing park and garden construction project. You may find artificial digging efficiency is very low and it is difficult to control hole’s diameter.

How can you dig hole quick and making the diameter according to your requirements? So you may choose to use a digging holes’ machine for the job. What’s name of machine? Yes, the name is Earth Auger.Here is how it is done.

Step 1. Prepare one excavator and confirm the hole’s diameter and depth you need.

Hydraulic Earth Auger consists of four parts: Auger Drive, Auger Drill, Pin Hitch and hoses.

* Excavator’s weight is a suitable model of Auger Drive.( REA2000- REA50000)

* Hole’s diameter and depth has a suitable for different diameter ( 100mm-2400mm) and different depth ( 1200-9000 mm)

Step 2. Check the soil condition and choose suitable Auger Drill type .

Choosing suitable Auger drilling type make the job higher efficiency.

* Tungsten type is suitable for clay, sandy soil, silty sand, fill earth etc.

* Rock type is suitable for gravel soil, strong decomposed rock, small gravel amount of clay, pebble of soil etc.

Step 3. Fit the Auger.

*Position the Auger in the vertical work position and support it so that it cannot fall over.

*Position the Auger Drive over the Auger and align the pin holes.

*Position the Auger Drive unit onto the Auger.

*Locate the Auger drive pin.

Step 4. Drive excavator make Earth Auger working

* Set auger in a vertical drilling position.

* Keep the direction of rotation of auger drilling is clockwise or anticlockwise.

* Keep the Auger Drive out of the ground working.

Step 5. How many depth and diameter of holes?

*Maximum depth is 9 meter

*Maximum diameter is 2.4m

Step 6: Why choose hydraulic earth auger?

* Saving time.

For example: hole’s diameter is 500mm, and depth is 1.5m   

Artificial digging holes: 20units / 8 hours

Earth Auger : 150-200 units/ 8 hours

* Saving money.

Artificial digging holes : Higher labor costs with low efficiency

Earth Auger : The average price of each holes is low ( One and machine cost,but with high efficiency )

* Long term usage.

It can used for many projects.

Working site:

Below is our video link, if you are interested in it, please click the link


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