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How to install Earth Auger

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 How to install Earth Auger

 Many people know that what the earth auger is and how to use the earth auger but they do not know how to install .Do not worry, Raymond attachments told you how to install earth auger and help you understand it well.


1.Fitting oil hoses


Before fitting oil hoses,there must be no restrictions to the flow between the drive unit and the reservoir .There can be no filter in the route and no quick release couplings.

2.Fitting the auger

  Before installation ,please check below:           

A: Is in correct working order

B: Is parked correctly on flat ground

C: Has its hand brake ON,its hydraulic circuit locked out and its engine switched OFF

D: Check that the auger is the correct model and

type to fit the Auger Drive Unit

E:Ensure that the auger connections are clean before fitting


Position the auger in the vertical work position and support it so that it can not fall over

Position the drive unit over the auger and align the pin holes

Lower the auger drive unit onto the auger

Locate the lock pin

If you can not understand well ,please contact us, we also supply Wear-resisting replacement parts of post hole digger.

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