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How to install the quick connector

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      1、Main body installation

    Put excavator and quick connector at relatively flat,and make the fixed jaw of quick hitch and the forearm of excavator alignment is easy to install(as below picture)

    Operating excavator, Align excavator forearm shaft hole and the shaft hole of quick connector,then insert the pin shaft ,and tighten the nut.Pay attention to the different according to the type of excavator,need to be equipped with the gasket and rubber ring.

       Pipeline and Notice

As shown above,use the clamp to fix the tube 2 on the forearm,pay attention to control the positionThe hose 1,3 to connect hard tube by card sleeve (Hose 13 belt protection rubber). And connect to the electromagnetic valve of A and B interfaceThe rest tubing,connect to oil inlet and outlet from P.T interface in accordance with the length.Note P is the oil inlet interface, T is the oil outlet interface.

Connect pipeline of quick connector to main pump(Oil pressure requirement is higher than the minimum working pressure, looking from excavator cab, the left is “connection”,the right is “loosen”. If the connection of pipeline is upside down, then the action of quick connector will also be in contrast to the standard.

 3Installation Notes

aMake sure the pin shaft hole of quick connector forearm hole of excavator and connecting rod in right place.

bThe connection of hoses and oil cylinder need to correspond with operation switchNamelyOn-connection,Off-loosenDon’t install non-standard or severe bending phenomenon.It is forbidden to debris into the tubing.

cAfter installationturn on the switch try the operation again and making the following checkConnector if there is damage, deformation, cracks etcIf there is a friction connector and excavatoroil cylinder and pipeline whether leaks oil.

dChoose a suitable place to install pipeline,Otherwise it may cause equipment failure or accidentSo,please read above instructions before install pipeline or consult us.

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