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How to operate the hydraulic breaker correctly

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1) Read the operation manual of the hydraulic breaker carefully to prevent damage to the hydraulic breaker and the excavator, and operate them effectively.

2) Before operating, check the bolt and the connection head whether loose or not, as well as the hydraulic pipeline whether leak or not.

3) Don't peck holes in the hard rock with the hydraulic breaker.

4) Shall not operate under the condition of hydraulic cylinder piston rod full extension or full shrink.

5) when the hydraulic hose is heated, it should stop the operation of the breaker and check the pressure of the accumulator.

6) Prevent the interference phenomenon between the boom of the excavator and the drill bit of the breaker.

7) Do not put the breaker into the water except chisel.

8) Breaker shall not be used for lifting appliances.

9) Do not operate breaker in the excavator track.

10)Hydraulic breaker connects to hydraulic excavator or other construction machinery, the host machine hydraulic system pressure and flow of work must meet hydraulic breaker technology parameter requirements, connecting the high-pressure oil passage of the "P" port of the hydraulic breaking hammer and host, "a" and with the host return oil line connection.

11) The best hydraulic oil temperature is 50-60 degrees, the maximum not more than 80 degrees. Otherwise, it should reduce the load of hydraulic breaker.

12) The working medium of the hydraulic breaker can be used in the same line as the main engine hydraulic system. In general, the use of YB-N46 or YB-N68 anti wear hydraulic oil, cold regions using YC-N46 or YC-N68 low temperature hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oil filter accuracy is not less than 50micro.

13) New and repaired hydraulic breakers must be refilled with nitrogen when enabled, and the pressure is 2.5, + 0.5MPa.

14)Chisel shank and orientation of the cylinder sleeve must be used between the calcium base grease or composite calcium base grease lubrication, and each class is class filling.

15)Hydraulic breaker must put chisel on the rocks, and to maintain a certain pressure after started breaking hammer, not allowed to start in a floating state.

16)Chisels are not allowed to use as the crowbar, otherwise the chisel will be broken off.

17)Using hydraulic breaker and chisel should be perpendicular to the work surface, to prevent a radial force.

18)It should be stopped immediately when the broken object is broken or started to crack in order to prevent the damage to the hydraulic breaker.

19) If the hydraulic breaker is to be used for a long time, it should be put in the nitrogen, and make the inlet and outlet are sealed. Do not store in the environment of high temperature and -20 degree.

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