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How to operate the vibro ripper correctly

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Hydraulic Vibro ripper is used for excavator. Before using a vibro ripper, please follow the instructions of excavator and start excavator engine correctly.

According to the vibro ripper, put the deployment of excavator engine speed to the vibro ripper needs.

The following operation please refer to the instructions of excavator.

Please hit the surface under the tooth keeping vertical with the hit surface.

Please keep the front of the hydraulic excavator in combat than the rear end elevation 0-750px about the status, in order to facilitate the tooth can squeeze on the surface. Do not to lift the front end of excavator too high.

To break the section which is easy to break when broke the big and  .

When on a continuous blow within 1 minute and without perforations or broken, please replace the striking surface to relatively easy to blow broken section of hammers.

High frequency broken hammer in broken rock is the rock crack high frequency strike, the crack in the role of high frequency is bigger, so that it can not form a cohesive force and separated the original combination and then fall off. Will have a crack in the high frequency vibration of the rock surface, as long as the impact of rock in the range of 1250px vibration, the periphery will quickly fall off. When broken, bucket teeth have less than 90 degrees angle, in the vibration of excavator should adjust angle crushing. You can also hit a point in the depth of 60-1750px, and then bring the hammer to the original point of impact, the displacement distance of about 30-1000px again broken, that would be better.

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