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How to operate vibro ripper ?

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It is necessary to read this operating manual before starting the operation or work.

1. Before the operation, check whether the lubricating points of VIBRO RIPPER are filled with grease!

2. Whether the hydraulic system's various hydraulic pipe joints are firmly connected.

3. It is strictly forbidden to operate the equipment when the air spring pressure is not enough (6-8KGS).

4. It is strictly forbidden to continue working under the condition that the Bottom Rubber is damaged, to avoid pulling the air spring, pulling down the bracket and the vibration box. 

5. It is strictly forbidden to operate the equipment under the condition that the lower shock absorber is damaged and there is no lower shock absorber.

6. Strictly implement the specifications of this operation manual and follow the instructions of the after-sales service personnel to ensure the correct use of the equipment.

7. It is strictly forbidden to assemble when the gap between the excavator connection bushings is not uniform.

8. The gear oil in the gearbox is heavy duty gear oil (220#-320#, RVR30/40/50/60 gear oil volume: 15-16L, D/E type gear oil volume :

18-22L.gear oil should be replaced when vibro ripper work 500-600 hours)

9.You can't stand under the machine at any time. (When operating) Be careful to prevent loose screws or leaking hydraulic hoses, be careful of hose twisting


§ ROCK : Phosphorites .

Model: RVR60. Working efficiency: 80-110cbm/h.


What should you do if you also want vibro ripper to work in high working efficiency. Here give some suggestions as below:

* Make the step in different height (1-2m), it will help increase productivity


*Keep angle less then 90 degree when you operate vibro ripper.


* Make sure working pressure and oil flow. Actual working pressure and oil flow show when the machine is working, rather than excavator pressure and oil flow when excavator is working.

*After completing a mountain stripping, the foot valve should be stopped as much as possible in advance to avoid working empty.

*When encountering hard rock, it should be broken by points. After the mountain structure is fully destroyed, it will be peeled out. Do not aim at a certain point for long-term concentrated




1.Do not operate in empty.

2.Do not pull & push.

3.Pay attention to the full lubrication of the bearing points.

4. Pay attention to working hours.

5. Pay attention to the temperature of the vibration movement part.

6. Pay attention to the air pressure of the air spring part.

7. Pay attention to the oil volume mark of the gear box.

8. Regularly change the gear oil.

9. Pay attention to whether the flow and pressure of the excavator are normal.

10. Ensure the unimpeded of in and out of oil hoses.

11. Confirm the water content in the water tank in the water cooling system.

12. Confirm that the water cooling system circuit is unimpeded and confirm that the fan is working properly.

13. Pay attention to the damage of bottom shock absorption.

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