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How to use pile driver

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The vibrating sinking pile machine uses its high-frequency vibration to vibrate the pile body at high speed, and transmits the vertical vibration generated by the machine to the pile body, which causes the soil structure around the pile body to change due to vibration, the strength is reduced, and the soil around the pile is liquefied. Reduce the frictional resistance between the pile and the ground, and then sink it into the soil by the vibration sinking pile and the pile body's own weight. When the pile is pulled, the pile body is pulled up under the condition of high-frequency vibration, and the soil is hard when vibrating and sinking. If the sinking is too slow, you can use the boom to take the pressure to sink or raise the pile by about 0.5-1.1 meters, and then quickly rush down. The exciting force required for the piling machine depends on the soil layer, soil quality, water content and The type of piles is comprehensively determined. Generally, the 100-400KN vibration method has higher pile efficiency. It is mainly suitable for U-shaped steel sheet piles, I-shaped steel sheet piles, Larsen piles, steel pipe piles and cement precast piles within 10M. The pile-sinking method is most suitable for sandy land operation, and the operation effect in clay is poor. At this time, we need to use our more powerful models when necessary.

The vibrating method of pile sinking is: hanging pile inspection verticality lowering the pile driver, so that it slowly sinks into the soil to a certain depth, (if necessary, install the pile cap) check the pile position and axis vibrate sinking pile to design Depth Move the pile driver to the next pile to continue the operation.

Pile driver use

Clay layer:

For the clay layer, the vibration destroys the original soil structure, the soil density changes, the adhesion decreases. The sensitivity increases, the resistance around the pile increases, it is necessary to use the two-stage acceleration. Or choose our larger model. .

Sand layer:

For the vibration of the sand layer, the bond between the soil particles is destroyed, and the liquefaction causes the soil and the pile body around the pile to reduce the resistance to pile, but the dense sand layer and the loose sand layer are due to the soil. The characteristics make the vibration effect weak. At this time, different vibration output should be selected.

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