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Hydraulic 360°rotating pulverizer

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We launches its new series of dedicated rotating pulverizer. This equipment is particularly effective for primary and secondary demolition, being suitable for high reach and regular applications. The RP range are fitted with a power valve to give maximum power when required and decrease cycle times when no load is applied.

The perfect combination of power through the large hydraulic cylinder, top quality components and highest grade steels which give the optimum strength and wear resistant properties.

As below are the advantages for RAY hydraulic rotation pulverizer.

1. Structure: The reinforced RP pulverizer structure is designed to last forever and facilitates the crushed material drop off increasing efficiency.

2. Rotation: The continuous hydraulic rotation enables precise positioning during in height demolitions and ground operations, while its robust components grant high durability.

3. Mobile jaw plate: The 2 different jaw plate available ensure a perfect fit with the specific job. The CRP plate, with a single tooth, grants higher penetration on tough concrete and is indicated for primary demolition. The PP plate, with double teeth, maximizes productivity and is mostly used for secondary demolition.

4. The cylinder with great power and high speed: The high performance of the RP pulverizer is guaranteed by the presence of a speed valve. This allows an increase in the number of opening and closing cycles of the pulverizer and for the hydraulic circuit of the excavator to be preserved.

5. Blades: On each model there are blades for rebars cutting. These parts can be turned to different sides to recover the correct profile of the cutter.

6. The speed valve: we add speed valve to reduce opening and closing time boosting productivity. So it will save the project time and improve efficiency.

7. The interchangeable parts: like teeth plates and blades, ensure quick and easy maintenance.

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