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Hydraulic Shears for Excavators are a Versatile, Powerful Tool

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Hydraulic shears come in various types, each suited for different tasks like crushing, cutting, or pulverizing. For demolition work, contractors commonly use a multi-processor that has a set of jaws capable of ripping through steel, hammering, or blasting through concrete.

Shear jaws designed for crushing can be used instead of or alongside hydraulic hammers in certain situations. These jaws are useful when vibrations or loud hammering cannot be tolerated on a particular worksite and can break up concrete and foundations. Combination jaws that feature cutters are commonly used in demolition jobs that require the cutting, crushing, or pulverizing of different materials.


Cutting shear jaws for hydraulic excavators are capable of cutting through various materials such as metal beams, steel cables, rebar, and steel pipes. Their narrow profile allows them to reach confined spaces, making them useful in separating steel from concrete for sustainable materials management.

Pulverizing shear jaws are needed for certain demolition jobs that require the crushing of concrete, making it easier to separate the steel rebar. Some contractors use pulverizing shears for primary demolition, while others opt for a multi-processor with combination jaws for added versatility. Crusher shears with a blade for cutting through steel rebar at the same time are also available.

For use with mini excavators, skid loaders, and smaller hydraulic machines, hydraulic mini shears are designed specifically for these equipment. They may come with grapples, allowing for easy cutting and lifting of heavy materials such as I-beams, concrete, and pipes.

Hydraulic shears in the form of multi-processors are widely used for dismantling, destroying, and removing various materials. These shears can be used on different materials including metal and steel pipes, rebar, sheet metal, concrete, railway tracks, building materials, wood products, and scrapyard products. Some hydraulic demolition shears come with a crusher for primary demolition. Hydraulic cutting shears are useful for industrial demolition and recycling of scrap and ferrous materials. Rail cropper shears, on the other hand, are specifically designed for cutting and disposing of railroad tracks.

Demolition shears are proven to be effective in demolishing structures, buildings, and bridges. Excavator shear jaws that rotate a full 360° deliver high efficiency, especially when the auxiliary hydraulics are well maintained.

Maintaining the auxiliary hydraulic system is essential for achieving high performance when using hydraulic shear jaws, multi-processors, or other excavator attachments. To ensure reliability, it is important to use high-quality auxiliary quick couplers. RAY offers a solution for reliable and durable auxiliary hydraulic quick couplers, allowing contractors to focus on the job without worrying about unexpected downtime.


RAY has been partnering with construction and demolition contractors for many years to design the best auxiliary hydraulic solution. Their hydraulic specialists often provide better solutions for contractors who may not be aware of the benefits available with specially designed auxiliary couplers. RAY is known for designing and engineering fist-to-market hydraulic couplers that outperform other standard quick couplers.

RAY's hydraulic specialists can provide professional guidance in choosing the best quick coupling for any application, based on equipment and application needs. With over 17 years of experience, RAY is recognized worldwide as a leading provider of hydraulic solutions. Contact them to learn more about their high-quality quick couplers and the best quick connect solution for using hydraulic shears or other excavator attachments.


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