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Is your pile interceptor loaded enough?

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Autumn October, the project peak season, Ray attachments is ready to wait for your call. Today's debut is RAY card pile interceptor, you see!

There are two advantages. One is the innate ability, the other is the acquired strength. If both are both, it is undoubtedly very popular.

The building needs to be beautiful and comfortable, but it is more important to stay for a long time, because the house is the place of the living in the whole life, so the foundation must be attached to it, so that people can live in peace, and peace is happiness.

The foundation has two kinds of natural foundation and artificial foundation. Natural foundation is uncontrollable, but artificial foundation we can do reinforcement treatment. One of the important links is the unqualified removal of concrete pile, which should be paid attention to in order to protect the new pile and the new structure. because the truncated pile can remove the weak top concrete and expose the reinforcement for further construction. Cutting pile is now widespread, Ray Attachments will help you with pile breaker.

These years' upgrade of the pile breaker, we're in constant innovation...

First generation: This kind of structure is relatively simple and convenient, and the cost is also low.The second generation :SP606

We use the structure of Mantovani in Italy, this design is more reasonable and effective to protect the cylinder.

The front end of the oil cylinder, when the pile-cutting machine is working, is used for striking the pile body, and at the same time, the pile body provides a reaction force to the pile-cutting machine. And our module flange will break down 90% of the reaction force. So that the oil cylinder and the module can be effectively protected.

The third generation

SP800 heavy duty update, because for 1.8 ≤ 2m pile, we got feedback from our customers saying the  power is insufficient, efficiency is not high. Therefore, we improve the size of cylinder and brazing rod on the basis of the existing ones. The following is a comparison of the parameters before and after the upgrade.









Pile diameter



Maximum force of single rod



Cylinder stroke



Brazing rod size



Module thickness



Cut the no. of piles (8 hours)



The fourth generation:In R & D, please look forward to it! Be sure to share with everyone after testing OK!Let me take a closer look-the upgraded pile interceptor!

Low cost, safety, high efficiency, low noise, multi-function!

When the pile interceptor works, the drill rod will work on the pile. It reacts on the front of the module and exerts pressure on the structural components, rather than on the connecting parts to protect the cylinders.

The customer's selection and high praise are the driving force of our continuous development of new products, because of faith, we constantly innovate to keep pace with the times!

Pile cutting has become a main way to strengthen foundation, so now in the high-speed railway bridge, workers and people building pile foundation engineering has been widely used. From the shape of the cutting pile head, it can be divided into circular pile cutting machine and square pile cutting machine. This depends on the pile diameter of your pile foundation project.

The pile interceptor is suitable for cutting off various pile heads. The pile interceptor provides pressure to multiple cylinders through the power provided by the excavator. The cylinder drives the brazing rod directly, and at the same time, the pile body is extruded by the power to cut off the pile head.

The pile interceptor adopts highly modular combination, and connects module through the pin shaft. It can cut off the pile head in a certain range through the combination of different modules.

The pile-cutting machine can be connected with the excavator. If there is no excavator, the pile-cutting machine is used with the hydraulic pump station by a crane or a crane, and the pile breaker is hung on the front end of the crane or the crane, and the oil pipe is connected with the pump station, and the pump station is started by electric power.

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