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Leading manufacturer of Vibro Ripper

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1 Misunderstanding of the Vibro Ripper
2 How does the Vibro Ripper work?
3 Advantage of Vibro Ripper

Misunderstanding of the Vibro Ripper

Improper use, specifically using hydraulic hammers as rippers, is responsible for 99% of the breakdowns they experience. Despite being on the market for over many years, there are still individuals who are unfamiliar with the RAYATTACHMENTS tool. Some individuals also mistake the RAYATTACHMENTS Ripper for a vibro ripper, and there are skeptics who argue that hydraulic hammers are superior in all applications. This article aims to dispel any misunderstandings.


The RAYATTACHMENTS attachment was created by combining the advantages of a hammer and a conventional ripper. Numerous professionals use hammers to both break up and drag materials towards themselves, in order to clear the work area. However, this can cause damage to the equipment as it is not designed for this purpose. Similarly, hammers are not intended to be used at angles other than the perpendicular, or 90 degrees with respect to the ground. Misusing hammers in this way can cause damage to both the hammer and the excavator.

How does the Vibro Ripper work?

The RAYATTACHMENTS Ripper was designed to meet both chopping and dragging needs, while also allowing for more material to be torn off by adjusting the angle. This innovative attachment requires minimal maintenance and provides greater comfort for the operator. It utilizes a patented "impact technology by accumulation of energy," along with an eccentric system. This energy accumulator distinguishes it from vibro rippers, which rely on vibration rather than percussion. The RAYATTACHMENTS Ripper converts hydraulic energy into percussion by using a simple eccentric system, an energy accumulator, and directional pivot arm systems.


The RAYATTACHMENTS Ripper is constructed entirely of anti-wear steel and can be used safely underwater without any risk of damage or modification. It has numerous applications, including excavation in quarries, trenches, and construction sites, breaking up frozen ground or permafrost, tunneling, demolition, recycling slag, mining, dredging, and more. Additionally, it produces less noise than other digging tools. (A noise level comparison test between the RAYATTACHMENTS Ripper and a hydraulic hammer is available for reference).

Advantage of Vibro Ripper

When comparing productivity, the RAYATTACHMENTS Ripper outperforms the hydraulic hammer, at times doubling and potentially reaching up to four times the production rate of the hammer, depending on the material being worked with. The ripper is particularly effective in breaking up materials such as concrete, quartzite, limestone, slate, marl, asphalt, and plaster. However, it may not be as efficient in breaking extremely hard materials such as granite or marble.


Minimal consumption of wear parts, resulting in less waste.

Increased productivity reduces time, fuel consumption (lowering costs for customers), and significantly lowers CO2 emissions.

It serves as a viable alternative to drilling and blasting, reducing environmental risks.

The attachment produces less noise pollution.

The chambers containing lubricants are sealed, eliminating the possibility of leaks. Additionally, we use biodegradable oils and greases

These are the key features and benefits of the RAYATTACHMENTS Ripper, as well as its comparison with the hydraulic hammer.

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