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NEW Hydraulic Breaker In The Ray

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RAY attachments is providing demolition contractors a line of new, powerful hydraulic breaker attachments covering all mini excavators, skid-steer loaders and mini track loaders. The new RAY attachments breakers deliver powerful impact energy and are built to high quality standards with a simplified design that makes attachment maintenance easy.

Devastate demolition jobs with the long piston stroke of the new RAY attachments breakers, while also experiencing relatively minimal recoil. 

"The RAY attachments breaker has the impact power customers want for difficult demolition jobs, like removing reinforced concrete slabs,” 

The new RAY attachments Breakers have minimal internal parts, a single lower bushing and easily accessible grease ports. Each of these design features reduces the breaker’s maintenance requirements and makes rebuilds easier. The unique valve design of the breakers lessens hydraulic pressure fluctuation, which reduces stress on the carrying equipment’s hydraulic pumps.

Hydraulic breaker tools vary by model and include blunts, moils, chisels and nail points. Customers should consult with an authorized Bobcat dealership to confirm which tools are approved for use with RAY attachments breakers.


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