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Pile Breaker problems and solutions

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According to some clients feedback, they thought some problems as below:

For example: SP500, Square pile breaker, it is for 400*400mm and 500*500mm.

pile breaker chisel 

They think chisels are too close cause chisel will be damaged, actually, it is wrong.

The reasons as below:

1. When you don’t use pile breaker, all chisels should be back as below picture.

sp500 pile breaker

2. When you operate pile breaker, chisels will touch surface of piles. The hydraulic oil is used to push the oil cylinder to operate the drill rod, so that the drill rod breaks the cement pile.

3. The whole cutting piles, it doesn’t matter about drill rod distance between two drill rod. So you don’t need to worry about it. 

Except this, before you operate pile breaker, you have to pay attention as below

1. Try your best to use pile breaker in horizontal direction.

2. The cutting length of each time, we suggest it is less than 300mm.

3. When you cut piles, you have to put drill rod back and then pull pile breaker down and cut again. Don’t pull machine before you put drill rod back, it cause the chisel or cylinder damaged.

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