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Precautions for the use of Bucket

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The use of buckets to excavate rocks will cause great damage to the machine and should be avoided; when it is necessary to excavate, the position of the body should be adjusted according to the direction of the cracks in the rock so that the bucket can be smoothly shovelled and excavated; the teeth of the bucket can be inserted into the rock cracks. In the process, excavation is performed using the digging force of the stick and bucket (should care for the slippage of the teeth); rocks that have not been disintegrated should be broken before excavation using the bucket.

When carrying out leveling on the bucket, the machine should be placed flat on the ground to prevent the body from shaking, and it is necessary to grasp the coordination of the movements of the boom and the stick, and controlling the speed of both is very important for plane dressing.

The bucket body should be in a horizontal stable position, otherwise it is difficult to accurately control the rotation and unloading, so as to extend the cycle time; the body and the truck should maintain a proper distance to prevent the tail from colliding with the truck during the 180-degree rotation; , This vision is open, high operating efficiency, and at the same time to correctly grasp the rotation angle, in order to reduce the time for the rotation; truck position Lin is lower than the excavator to shorten the boom lifting time, and good line of sight; first loaded sand, broken Stones, then large stones, can reduce the impact on the car.

Excavators are a type of construction machinery that is used in many local ways. However, if they cannot be used properly, it will cause a lot of inconvenience to the constructors and the constructors. Therefore, when the excavator is being constructed, it is hoped that the driver friends can pay more attention to the following points:

1. To work on the construction site, it is necessary to see if there are wires in the sky and there are no water pipes in the ground. Ask what kind of work you want to do. When you ask clearly, you have to have a bottom and you will not be too blind.

2. Hang something big things first try slightly, and some things too heavy to dig the machine is not up, do not blindly go to hang, do not hang up, do not hang, do not say much damage to the digging machine forcibly lifting, serious The digging machine is still hanging over, and the hanging arm does not extend too far, so it is easy to roll over, but also when going downhill, the digging machine has to go slowly and go slowly. If you go fast, it is easy to plant it. Remember, remember!

3. Dig the big stones under the ground gently to dig, exploratory digging with a bucket, if the fierce digging, the digging machine will jump, it is possible to cut the root and teeth, the correct approach should be to dig Put it aside, so slowly it will be dug up.

4. When checking the oil every morning, if there is a bubble in the oil on the scale, it is very likely that the oil will enter the water.

5. Do not call too long during construction of the excavator. When you call, the reaction capacity is almost too low, which can easily cause accidents.

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