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Views: 25     Author: Lina     Publish Time: 2017-06-21      Origin: Site

We RAY ATTACHMENTS attend the CTT-2017 exhibition again in Moscow, Russia from 30th,May to 2nd,June. Which is a special exhibition in the field of construction machinery in Moscow every year. And it is the third time we attend.The biggest difference of CTT-2017 with previous CTT exhibition is the sponsor. It is changed to Bauma Munich, Germany.


RAY Attachments had a showroom with double sides open. We showed RAY hydraulic earth auger and RAY hydraulic quick coupler. Our products got much interests by foreigner visitors and our clients. They asked many questions such as what our earth augers’ advantages. Which model should be matched to 20tons excavators. And they also told us why they had large demands for the excavator attachments.

We promote our company and our earth auger, quick coupler, hydraulic breaker, ripper and other RAY Attachments. At mean while, we learned a lot from the exhibition. We knew more other application for our earth auger. Besides of excavator, they can used in cane, skid steer, loader and any other machine which just can supply hydraulic power unit.

earth auger application.jpg

We got more confidence in our products.

At last we sold out our exhiportions about RAY hydraulic earth drill, auger drive and it’s spare parts and hydraulic quick hitch. We got a good show in this exhibition.

RAY Attachments, A great team, loves Moscow. And Moscow also loves us because he needs us.



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