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Nowadays, many of our construction projects need to do basic piling. In order to make the foundation pile and the ground better combined, the pile will be 1 to 2 meters above the ground, so that the steel bars inside can be completely retained. At this time, our pile breaker machine came in handy. It is a device specially used to break this kind of piles.



It is usually used for breaking round and square piles, for round pile, the cutting diameter is 300-2000mm. And our light model, the diameter range is 300-1050mm, at least 7 modules but most 12 modules; heavy model, the diameter range is 500-2000mm, at least 6 modules and most 13 modules. Well, square pile diameter range is 300-500mm; Except that the SP500 is a module with 2 cylinders, the others are one module and one cylinder. 

Our hydraulic pile breaker can be easily operated with high efficiency, low noise, low cost, safety and reliability, without any impact on the main body of the pile, and without any effect on the load-bearing capacity of the pile as well. It greatly shortens the project cycle and suitable for pile-group works, pile breaker is one of the most recommend attachments by government construction supervision departments.

Most customers choose it for excavators, but if we don’t have excavators, what can we do? It can be also used with a hydraulic pump station by a crane. The pile breaker is hung on the front end of the crane or crane, the oil pipe of the pile-driving machine is connected to the pump station, and the pump station is started by electric power.

And here are some common questions our customers will ask:

1.How many piles can be broken in one day?

The efficiency of our pile breaker is really high, for example, to cut 1000mm diameter & 1m length pile, concrete label C30, with 25T excavator, you can use our SP800 model with 8 modules, continuous work 8 hours can cut 30 piles in a day, but a worker can only cut 2-3 piles within 8 hours.

2.How many chains does a module have? What is the chain length? How about the weight?

The round pile is generally a chain with 2 modules, depending on the different situation to ensure uniform force, and the chain length is 6m.

3.What is the weight of a single module?

The weight of each model is different, such as light model, each module is 110kg; and for heavy model, each module is 381kg.

4.How to install?

First step, fix the module pins, and the empty pins according to the different diameters, more detailed information please check the operating instructions.

5.What are the wearing parts?

One is Spring pin (30 pieces for free), another is chisels.

6.How about the service life for chisels?

Normally, it can cut 10,000 piles, and it also depends on operators.

7.How about the warranty?

We will provide 12 months warranty, except for wearing parts.

8.How about the delivery time?

Delivery time is around 7 working days

9.Is there any important instructions?

After ensuring piles are separated up and down, then start the excavator arm and lift it up. It is strictly forbidden to pull the hard hoe under the condition of not completely smashing. Because this behavior will cause the drill rod to break, the cylinder to be strained, and the piston rod to deform.

10.How many years in producing pile breaker? What is the annual output?

We have 10 years of production experience, combined with the technology of MBI from Italy, and we have made some improvements based on the actual use of mining. And we manufacture about 80 units every year.

And now, do you have any other questions for pile breaker

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