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Safety procedures for vibration pile driver

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1. The operator of the vibration pile driver must be familiar with the structure, performance, operation essentials and safety precautions of the machine. After passing the examination and obtaining the certificate, it can be operated separately.

Second, the operator must concentrate on the operation. Do not talk, laugh, play, make trouble with unrelated people, do not allow smoking and food during the operation.

Third, strictly abide by the relevant maintenance regulations of the vibratory pile driver, and carefully carry out maintenance at all levels to ensure that the vibratory pile driver is always in good condition. And pay attention to reasonable use, correct operation.

4. Before the vibration pile driver is working, the following preparations should be made:

1. Obtain the construction conditions and tasks, and the problems found during construction and the matters that should be paid attention to in this class.

2. Adjust the position of the shifting gear of the vibratory pile driver according to the vibration force required by the construction personnel.

3. Check if the insulation of cables and wires is good. Check that the controller contacts are good and the limits are correct.

4. Check if the voltage of the power supply meets the requirements.

5. Lubricate and maintain the parts according to the daily maintenance items.

Fifth, the safety precautions of the vibration pile driver in the work:

1. When the vibratory pile driver works, it must be directed by a special person. Commanders and operators must check each other's signals before they work. Work should be closely coordinated.

2. When the vibration starts, apply a bell or other means to signal the surrounding people to leave.

3. The vibrating hammer and pile cap, the pile cap and the pipe string (or pile) should be flattened, the coupling bolts should be tightened, and the looseness should be checked frequently.

4. The start of the vibratory pile driver should be accelerated from low speed to high speed.

5. The vibratory pile driver should pay close attention to the indication of current and voltage on the control panel during work. If abnormal noise or other abnormal conditions are found, stop the inspection immediately.

6. Always check the bearing temperature and bearing cap screws for looseness. Check the eccentric iron block coupling screws for looseness to prevent accidents.

7. When the vibration sinks, it is strictly forbidden to stand around the column (or pile).

8. When vibrating pile driver cooperates with water jet and sinking mud, it should contact the relevant personnel in advance and correlate with each other in the work.

9. When connecting long columns or piles and installing pile caps, workers must wear seat belts.

10. During the process of vibration sinking, it is strictly forbidden to carry out mechanical maintenance and maintenance work.

6. After the vibratory pile driver stops working, the power supply should be cut off immediately, and the pile driver and motor should be inspected and maintained.

7. The vibratory pile driver should be stopped for a long time and should be kept in storage. The motor should be protected from moisture. The instrument on the control panel should be removed and stored.

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