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The Reason why RAY scrap shear has good quality

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Dedicated RAY hydraulic shear can used for wide different work applications, such as demolition of steel structures, processing steel in scrap applications, steel mill project and many others. 

The shear offers more productivity through increased power, a new jaw design, and all new blade types. The new blade can be changed quickly and easily, minimising machinery downtime, optimising productivity. 

Our shear is manufactured from the highest grade steels, ensure the maximum tool strength, with the best possible wear resistance. 

There are many customers satisfied with our hydraulic eagle shear for scrap steel. But they will also retreat as the high cost. The truth is the cost performance is high. We thought you are mainly worried the quality and the operation performance for the shear. As below are the points which can give you enough confidence to own it.

1. All New Cylinders

1.1 Increased cylinder size for 20% more power.

1.2 Using Hengli hydraulic brand, Well-known manufacturer.

1.3 Forged cylinder rod for a better functionality and security.

2. All New Blades

2.1 The blades imported from Germany.

2.2 The front blade ensure accurate shearing with tip and can be turned.

2.3 The blades can be used repeatedly (rectangular, diamond)

2.4 The blades have been redesigned in a rhomboid shape to reduce stress on the jaws.

3. Pin Adjustment Kit

3.1 This allows for regular adjustment of the pin to ensure perfect shearing.

3.2 While fully protected the pin can be removed for maintenance of all related parts.

4. New Piercing Tip

4.1 Bolted blades on piercing tip for fast replacement.

4.2 Eliminated time consuming rebuilding of the tip.

5. Special Speed Valve

5.1 Reduced cycle times

5.2 Regenerating power when required.

5.3 Protection for the shear eliminating pressure peaks.

About rotation group, except the import motor we also add anticavitation valve. 360 degree continuous rotation, always the best positioning of the shear. New fixed jaw design increase cutting capacity, material is eased to fall away easily.

These are the details for our scrap shear. We also provide 12 months warranty (except the wear parts). So it it really a good investment not only for personal use but also for sales in the local market.

What are you waiting for, feel free to contact me (Alice).

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