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The consist of RAY ATTACHMENTS Hydraulic breaker

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RAYATTACHEMHTS Hydraulic breaker referred to as "broken hammer" or "breaker". Hydraulic breaker’s power source is excavatorsloaders or pumping stations’ pressure. It can break stones and rocks more effectively in the engineering construction. Selection of hydraulic breaker principle is according to the operation environment and excavator type.

Through bolt:

The front head, the cylinder and the back head of the main body are tightly fixed with four through bolts.


The cylindrical compensates for pressure in the hydraulic circuit piston reciprocation.


Kinetic energy of the piston is converted into hammering energy after hitting the chisel.The raw material:20CrNiMoA(best),35CrNiMoA,40CrNiMoA,and other suppliers use the only GCr15 to decrease the cost.

Main Body:

Including Front head, cylinder and back head. Ensure your breaker will be in best performance.


The specially heat treated chisel is directly applied to break rocks. There are four types for choosing: Moil, Blunt, Flat, Conical Point.The material is 42Crmo.

Ring Bush & Front Cover:

Guiding the chisel while they are working.Using 20CrMo steel as raw materials, which are provided by domestic famous manufacturer; forging again and again to make forming, to make internal organization more tight, and increase products wear-resistance. 

Seal Kit:

We can supply both Parker and NOK seal kit which are most famous brand in the business line.

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