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Vibration Hammer For Excavator

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Highway hydraulic Vibra hammer is a commonly used equipment in highway engineering, also known as guardrail pile driver/road guardrail pile driver. Commonly used pile drivers in construction projects include hydraulic walking type diesel hammer pile driver and high frequency hydraulic vibration pile driver. This equipment plays an extremely important role in the installation of highway guardrails in China and even abroad. Since its establishment, it has been engaged in the research and development and manufacture of highway guardrail installation, maintenance, repair and construction equipment. The stability of the pile driver can be reliable, and it can be self-assembled, self-unloading, and moving. When transporting, the main frame of the upper section can be retracted and folded, which saves a lot of cost and trouble for lifting and disassembling. The pile driver is not only efficient, economical, but also the most suitable choice for customers, and it can adapt to various harsh weather and working conditions.

Whats advantages?

vibro hammer

High efficiency: vibration and sinking pile speed is generally 4-7 m / min, the fastest up to 12 m / min (in non-sludged soil), construction speed is much faster than other piling machinery, than the efficiency of pneumatic hammer, diesel hammer 40%-100% higher.

Wide range: In addition to not being able to enter the rock, the high-frequency hydraulic pile driver is suitable for construction under any harsh geological conditions, and can easily penetrate the pebble layer, sand layer and other addresses.

Many functions: In addition to the construction of various types of load-bearing piles, the high-frequency hydraulic pile driver can also construct special constructions such as thin-walled anti-seepage walls, deep compaction treatment, and ground compaction treatment.

Environmental protection: low vibration during operation, low noise, no pollution, high-frequency hydraulic pile driver, and noise reduction power box, which can fully meet environmental protection requirements during urban construction.

Wide range of functions: suitable for hitting any shape, any material pile, such as steel pipe pile, concrete pipe pile; suitable for any soil layer; can be used for piling, pulling pile and underwater piling; can carry out pile frame operation and suspension work. 

In one word, the pile is easily driven into the soil layer, with low noise, high efficiency, no pollution, and no damage to the pile. It is especially suitable for medium and short pile projects such as municipal, bridge, cofferdam and building foundation. The noise is small and meets the city standards.

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