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What is the bucket

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Bucket is used to dig the soil, sand, gravel and other construction waste loose material with a bucket shaped component, which is composed of floor, wall, hanging lug, ear plate, tooth plate, plate edge, bucket teeth, teeth and other parts. It is often installed in excavators used to excavate a working device.

According to different conditions:

Standard bucket

Selection of domestic high quality alloy steel Q345

Suitable for general clay, soil excavation and sand, mud and gravel loading lighter work environment.

Reinforced bucket

Strengthen the vulnerable parts of the bucket seat plate and the side edge of the blade plate material selection of domestic high-quality high-strength wear-resistant steel NM360

It is suitable to be used in the mining of hard clay or gravel, gravel and other heavy load operations.

Rock bucket

Imported high strength wear resistant steel HARDOX for the plate and the side edge of the plate material

It is suitable for mining the hard soil, the second hard stone, the wind fossil or rock, and the load of the ore after blasting.

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