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​Why choose ray vibro hammer?

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1. High quality spare parts

(1) Motor: The pile hammer includes 2 motors, one is Rotation motor, we use world famous brand M+S motor from Germany for it;

Another is Vibration motor, it’s Parker motor from USA, hydraulic rotary motor and gear hidden, it can effectively avoid oil and collision, gear replacement is convenient, compact, stable and durable.


(2) Eccentric gear: The material is alloy steel with special treatment and grinding treatment.

(3) Clamp: There are sheet clamping jaw or concrete pile clamping which can be custom-made, the material is Q460 with stress relief annealing. So it is more wear-resistant and has a longer service life.


(4) Rubber: Elastomer rubbers withstand 2-3tons, we have full rubber to protect the gear box. Generally, the service life of the rubber mounts is 4 months with 8 working hours per day.

2. Different types of vibro hammer

We provide 2 different types for vibro hammer, one is Horizontal type and the other is Vertical type. What is the difference between them?


The horizontal type vibro hammer can 270 degree rotation, the rubbers are distributed on the left, top and right, and the rubber is all inside. And for the vertical type vibro hammer, it can support 360 degree rotation, the rubbers are in left and right, and the rubbers are all outside. Please see below pictures for them.

3. Perfect equipment

We have many professional machine to ensure the precision of each parts, like the CNC machine center, Lathering machine, Grinding machine and other special machine.

That’s brief introduction about our pile hammer, do you get something?

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