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2016 CTT in Moscow

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Following the 2015 CTT Construction Machinery Exhibition complete success, Changzhou Raymond International Trade Co., Ltd. once again participated in the annual Moscow CTT Construction Machinery Exhibition. The exhibition is from 2016 May 31 to June 4. Changzhou Raymond International Trade Company once again got a complete success.

Changzhou Raymond International Trade Co., Ltd. arrived in Moscow on May 29 and on 30th made the preparatory work before the show commenced. After half a day of partners efforts, preparatory work has been completed before the show, including the placing of the sample, posted posters, booth display and so on. After our team understanding and analysis of the Russian market, the exhibition displayed our products earth auger and hydraulic quick couplers. Earth auger is suitable for all kinds of construction machinery and quick hole operations, for electric power, telecommunications, tree planting, municipal gardens, highways, railways, etc. Auger efficiency in terms of planting trees is in particular. Russia pays more attention to afforestation, forests everywhere, and some area is permafrost, so earth auger is their only choice. Excavator quick coupler is an indispensable attachment, currently most of the Russian regions are carrying out construction and renovation. And the 2018 World Cup will be held in Russia, the Russian is building the road and construction of venues. In this process, it is necessary to use a variety of attachments Then in order to improve the efficiency they must use quick coupler. Quick coupler can replace the attachments within just 20 seconds, fast and safe.

Because of well preparation, we can communicate with customers smoothly during the exhibition, and get praise from customers. Customers schedule an appointment, everything is going very smoothly. In the fourth day of the exhibition we successfully sold the sample.

Through this exhibition we can understand the Russian market better, and hope to have the intention to find customers willing to become a dealer of our products, and further open our products in the Russian market.

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