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Application of Excavator Compactor

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A large eccentric rotating weight creates vibration and impulse energy to deliver the optimal attachment productivity and performance. The weight’s mass is further away from the shaft to provide increased impulse forces up to 15ton and improved compaction rates when working with compact granular soils.

To maximize attachment reliability and durability, the motor is inset within the frame to protect it from damage. Hydraulic motor bearings use oil splash lubrication, and sealed eccentric bearings provide maintenance-free operation.

hydraulic compactor01

Delivering 4 ton of impulse force, the RHC 02 model is available in a 40 cm width. The RHC06 delivers 6.5 ton of impulse force and is available in an 75cm width. The RHC08 model delivers 15 ton of impulse force and is available in a 100cm  width. All three models boast 2,000-rpm frequency at regulated flow.

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