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Chinese manufacturing machinery and equipment is expected to upgrade

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According to statistics, as the construction of China Manufacturing 2025 continues to advance, some industries represented by mechanical equipment and new materials are expected to benefit first. So far, the competition among enterprises in the machinery and equipment industry in China has become increasingly fierce, but most regions are making suggestions for the healthy development of the machinery industry.

As the basic industry of the national economy, the development of machinery manufacturing industry directly affects the development of various sectors of the national economy, as well as the strengthening of national economy and people's livelihood and national defense forces. Therefore, all countries have placed the development of machinery manufacturing at the forefront. With the increasing competition in the international market for mechanical products, major companies have injected high-tech into the development of mechanical products as an important means of winning by competition.

In 2011, China’s industrial production was 120% of the United States, 346% of Germany and 235% of Japan. In 2007, China's industrial output value was only 65% of the US industrial output value. This is enough to show that the total value of China's production cannot be underestimated.

Since the financial crisis of 2008, the economies of some countries in Europe and the United States have been hit hard, but at that time the Chinese economy has sprung up and become the engine of world economic growth. The fundamental reason lies in China's rapid industrial growth.

For example, our company, our hydraulic earth auger, hydraulic hammers have been exported to Russia, the United States, Australia, Germany and Southeast Asian countries. This means that many countries have already produced any construction machinery products made in China. 

China's machining process is getting better and better, and most companies have many years of experience as process engineers. Unlike the current big environment, the mechanical processing industry no longer seems to be eager for quick success, so the industrial base has increased after continuous accumulation. 

We all understand that if there is a strong industry as a support, although it can be sold for a while, but it can't be seen in the past, so we have to work hard on the craft.

Nowadays, many construction machinery companies have cooperated with Internet companies and explored them continuously, moving offline products to the network, and let more and more foreign consumers see Chinese-made construction machinery products.

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