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Export of construction create new record in New Year.

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2018 the beginning of the new year, Xugong excavator overseas market ushered in export opening. The total value of more than 100 export excavators in this export is over 50 million yuan.Xu xiangyang, deputy general manager of Xugong Company said:the “Xugong excavator exported to Thailand in bulk is a powerful witness for us to deepen the international market and achieve new breakthroughs”.

With the “The belt and Road construction” to further promote the internationalization development of Chinese engineering machinery products to further speed. According to the statistics of the general administration of customs, the export volume of china’s construction machinery reached 20 billion 100 million US dollars in 2017, the first time to break through 2o billion US dollars, an increase of 18.5% over the same period last year, and in November and December, it has been up 1 billion 900 million US dollars and 2 billion us dollars. The annual export growth rate has also refreshed the highest record since 2012. The trade surplus has also recorded a record of $16 billion19 million.

Starting in 2013, "The Belt and Road construction; in 2015," The Belt and Road economic corridor scale, between China and 65 countries trade volume is nearly $2 trillion. The responsibility of infrastructure as "vanguard Belt and Road Initiative", directly stimulate the rapid recovery of China engineering machinery industry. According to the financial industry is expected in the next ten years, "The Belt and Road" key national infrastructure needs at least $800 billion. The construction machinery market is striding forward in the national "going global" strategy. We must seize the new opportunity of development, stabilize the industry and recover steadily, and the whole industry will step into the track of regressive growth, and the industry will develop healthily and orderly.

In 2018, we must focus on the new requirements of general secretary Xi Jinping "China's economic development towards high quality development", and continue to adhere to the development mode of "innovation driven, green development, energy saving and emission reduction, quality and efficiency". Qi Jun stressed that to promote the engineering machinery manufacturing industry to accelerate the digitization and internalization, complete development; advocate and promote the construction of "The Belt and Road, implement the Chinese engineering machinery" going out "strategy; to improve the development of the industry risk control ability, to global value chain to high-end forward, cultivate a world-class advanced manufacturing industry cluster; industry development quality change, efficiency change and dynamic change; further improve the level of development of Chinese engineering machinery industry and international influence.

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