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How much do you know of Multi Quick Coupler?

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How much do you know of Multi Quick Coupler?

Some clients said the Multi-Quick Coupler is not really safe. Because the rear lock can’t catch the rear pin of attachments seamlessly. Is it true? No, it is not real thing. What’s the truth?

The rear lock of multi-dual lock quick coupler locks the rear pin of attachments firmly with three points (P1,P2,P3) as the picture showing. Don’t worry about if it is safety or strong. Because triangle is most stable. RAY Multi-Dual quick hitch has special structure with safety system. While the sliding block moves to touch the rear pin and the rear jaw closed down, it is well done and never fall down unless the lock released by the operator. Whether it has gap or not it is normal for the operation.

quick hitch.png

If it is seamless between rear lock and the pin it is impossible because it depends on the structure . Actually we can produce it more precision and keep the small tolerance between sliding block and bottom of quick hitch. But it is easily to abrade. What’s worse, it will increase the maintenance charge after usual usage.

So don’t doubt RAY dual locked quick hitch. It is updated type of our common hydraulic quick hitch. They have different structures and different advantages. Please compare in the following pictures.

hydraulic quick hitch.png 

In the next Chapter I will tell you the details what the differences between Multi-quick coupler and Hydraulic quick coupler.

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