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How to achieve multifunctional excavator

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Excavator widely applied in municipal engineering, almost every construction site has one or even several excavators. 

Of course excavator can not do without attachments. Through observation and experience of our lives,it can be found that in the excavator bucket the most widely be installed is bucket and Hydraulic breaker. Bucket is used for digging canals, removing excess sand, And hydraulic breaker is used for breaking and dismantling. 

If the use of the excavator is very functional, then the bucket and hammer supporting only one of the very few excavators use value.So how can we maximize the excavator value? First of all, you need to know in addition to the bucket and hammer there are many other great attachment effect. Raymond International Trade Co.,ltd the main product earth auger have made a good response at home and abroad recently Earth auger mainly used for: dig tree planting hole, photovoltaic pile hole, telegraph poles, highway barriers, other power communications and other hole digging operations. And replace the auger to connect the mixing bucket and stump planer, it can reduce the cost in the true sense. Second, you need a quick coupler, quick coupler enables rapid replacement of multiple attachments, and respond to a complex and diverse conditions it can ensure fast and efficient operations and save the cost.

The attachments introduced today are only two of many outstanding Raymond International Trade Co., Ltd. attachment, as well as "ripper cut steel master" shears, "broken pile King" and other attachments waiting for you to know. 

Contact Raymond quickly to unlock more features your excavator now!

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