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How to choose the good products from China in Line

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Don’t only focus on price when you are purchasing and be beyond feelings. We should use our head to get the best suitable and high cost performance ratio products.


See the photo of products. If it is original picture it is better.


See the website of company to know the products and company in details. If one company no company website it must be small company or Soho. If the website no have details information of products it may still a small company. You should think about it more when you choose this company.


Listen and read what the sellers or sales managers said. To compare and know

Whether they reply quickly and in time. Time is money. Who answers faster who can save your money more.


Whether they know their products well. Even know more than buyer. Take our products for example our main products is excavator attachments. So the qualified salesman or saleswoman should know what it is the hydraulic system. What working principle of our RAY ATTACHMENTS machines. For instance, Our RAY Earth Auger is working by the hydraulic motor. The hydraulic motor drive the gearbox rotation. And the gearbox takes the output shaft rotation and then auger rotates under its drive.

After we know the principle of the machine we will know which parts is most important. For the hydraulic earth drill the motor must be the corn part. So you will compare the hydraulic motor before you determine which company you could choose. Not choose only by price.

Whether the salesman or saleswoman could supply other information and knowledge which is useful and unexpected for you. Such as the shipment cost. Some certificate like FTA to help you reduce the tax and so on.  

Anyway if you can get a good service from a good salesman and strong team. You are lucky and comfortable to complete the purchasing.It is better if you have time and energy to see a factory. No seeing no believing.

     Our clients always visit our factory for RAY Vibro Ripper before making order. Because Vibro Ripper is big machine compare to our other attachments earth auger, quick coupler, hydraulic breaker and so on. But you also can make right determination on line if you have rich knowledge and judgment.


In summery, how to choose which companies is your best choise on line.

It’s not true that there is no good products in China unless you just consider the cheapest price. However price is very important factor to buy it or not for purchasers . But it mustn’t be the most important decisive factor in purchasing. Compare to the price super quality is more important than it. Compare to the quality good after sales service is more important than it. So do you know what is the most important of purchasing ? Cost performance ratio. Exactly, it is that Cost Performance Ratio. If the price you and your customers can accept just think about the performance of the goods and do the best service. Nobody is able to cheat you but yourself.

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