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How to operate and maintain hydraulic breaker correctly?

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As the saying goes, sharp tools make good work. Hydraulic breaker is one of the most common attachments of excavator. Broken operations are often needed in the demolition, mine and urban construction. So how to maintain and operate hydraulic breaker correctly? These questions can not be ignored. As the professional manufacturer of excavator attachments(earth auger, quick hitch, hydraulic breaker and pile breaker), ray attachments will popularize the knowledge of the operation and maintenance of the broken hammer.


Because of the bad working conditions of the hydraulic breaker, proper maintenance can reduce machine failure and prolong service life of the machine. Besides the maintenance of the main engine, we should also pay attention to the following points:

(1) appearance inspection

Check whether the bolt is loose; Whether the connecting pin shaft is excessive wear; Check whether the gap between the drill rod and its bushing is broken.

(2) lubrication

Lubrication points on the working unit should be lubricated before the operation and after each consecutive operation for 2 days.

(3) hydraulic oil replacement and inspection

Construction machinery using a hammer hydraulic oil working time of 600 hours to replace, and check the hydraulic oil temperature below 800 .

The choice of hydraulic oil determines the efficiency of the hydraulic breaker. Recommended for use in summer wear-resistant 68 # hydraulic oil Recommended for winter wear-resistant 46# hydraulic oil.

According to the specific working environment of the equipment, please select the hydraulic oil as appropriate. The use of contaminated hydraulic oil will lead to broken hammer and construction machinery main body failure and damage to parts, so please pay special attention to the hydraulic oil.



Correct operation can improve the work efficiency of the hammer, and extend the life of the hammer. Operational notes are the following:

(1) Before each use, check the high and low pressure pipes of the hammer for oil leakage and looseness. In addition, check for leaks in other places at any time to prevent tubing from falling off due to vibrations and malfunctioning.

(2) hammer hammer operation should always maintain the vertical state with the stone surface, and make the drill rod compaction, broken immediately after the crushing should be stopped to prevent open play. If the continuous aimless impact will cause damage to the precursor of the hammer and the main bolt loose serious damage to the host itself.

(3) do not shatter the use of sharpening rod during the crushing operation, otherwise the bolt and shank rod may fracture.

(4) No hammer in the water or muddy work. In addition to the rod outside the broken hammer before the sheath can not be over in water or muddy.

(5) When the crushed object is a large hard object (stone), choose to crush it from the edge. No matter how large or hard the stone is, choosing to strike from the edge is usually the more feasible way and the same point Continuous blow for more than a minute without breaking. Please change the selected hit points to try again.


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