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How to reduce the cost of planting tree

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On 17 June 2016, Changzhou Raymond International Trading Co., Ltd ushered several important friends, the purpose of this visit is to order the earth auger and visit factory to make a decision to cooperate.After visiting the factory and a deep understanding and communication of Raymond earth auger and enterprise culture, they said they are not only interested in earth auger, also in other construction machinery and steel tube products.

According to their requirements, Raymond customized a series of programs to meet their needs  and reduce the customer's trouble.

Due to the increase of population, the global forest coverage rate is decreasing day by day. 

the government also value afforestation this piece, now the human cost is higher and higher, afforestation cost and efficiency are a big problem. Raymond earth auger just can solve this problem, Raymond earth auger can be used for all drilling operation and has an average of 3 minutes of digging a hole, high efficiency and low energy consumption. In addition to afforestation, it can be also used for: bridge construction, telecommunications, household fence construction, one machine with multi use. It is necessary for municipal engineering team, construction companies and home team. After nearly two years of surveys and customer feedback, Raymond earth auegr have a large market all over the world, so Raymond International Trade Co., Ltd. wants to recruit local agent, and jointly create a greater International market, making a win-win cooperation.

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