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How to use broken hammer can avoid digging the excavator.

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Because the working principle of the crushing hammer is the reciprocating fast impact movement, the speed of oil return is fast and the relative pulse is large, the aging speed of the hydraulic oil is accelerated, and the hydraulic system of the excavator will also be damaged. We should protect the excavator when we use the broken hammer, so as to avoid the damage of the excavator. Then what issues should we pay attention to?

1. Use high quality breaking hammer (with accumulator).

Analysis: The inferior crushing hammer is prone to problems due to design, manufacture, inspection and other links, no quality assurance, high failure rate in use, easy to cause excavator damage.

2. Suitable engine speed (medium throttle)

Analysis: Because crushing hammer requires lower working pressure and flow rate (such as 20-ton excavator, working pressure 160-180KG, oil flow 140-180L/MIN), medium throttle can work; if the large throttle work, not only will not increase the impact force will also cause abnormal heating of hydraulic oil, hydraulic system will also be more harmful.

3. Correct posture, frequency and quantity of butter.

Make sure that the grease is lubricated under the condition of straight drill, and be filled every 2 hours.

Analysis: If the steel drill is suspended to supplement lubricating grease, the grease will enter the impact chamber, when the impact chamber will produce abnormal high-pressure oil will enter the hydraulic system, damage the hydraulic pump.

4, hydraulic oil quantity and pollution situation

Analysis: Because hydraulic oil pollution is one of the main causes of hydraulic pump failure, it is necessary to confirm the contamination status of hydraulic oil in time. (replace hydraulic oil 600 hours, replace filter element 100 hours).

Hydraulic oil shortage will cause cavitation phenomenon hydraulic pump failure, broken hammer piston cylinder pull injury, etc. Suggestion: Check the oil level before daily use.

5, replace the oil seal in time.

Analysis: The oil seal belongs to the fragile part, it is suggested that the broken hammer work about 600-800 hours, replace a broken hammer oil seal; when the oil seal leakage must stop working immediately, replace the oil seal, whether the side dust easy to enter the hydraulic system, damage the hydraulic system, damage the hydraulic pump.

6, keep the pipeline clean.

When installing the broken hammer pipeline, it should be thoroughly cleaned, and the oil inlet and outlet pipeline should be circularly docked; when replacing the bucket, the broken hammer pipeline should be blocked to keep the pipeline clean.

Analysis: sand and other debris into the hydraulic system easily damage the hydraulic pump.

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