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Hydraulic breaker types

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According to the type of power, the breakers can be divided into the following three types, namely: pure nitrogen type, pure hydraulic type and nitrogen hydraulic combined type. You can find out which type is used on your excavator according to the example below.

Hydraulic Breaker For 626 T Excavator


Nitrogen Type:

Cut off the pressure oil when the piston goes down

Simple structure

Suitable for small main body


Hydraulic Type:

When the piston goes down, only the pressure works.

Simple structure

Often equipped with accumulators


Nitrogen & Hydraulic mixed type:

When the piston descends, the air pressure and the oil pressure work simultaneously.

Suitable for large main body, wide application

Equipped with an accumulator to reduce pressure peaks

 rock hammer hydraulic breaker

It can be seen from the above picture that the main structure of the breaker is divided into a hammer body (movement) and a bracket, where in the upper and lower jaws respectively protect the movement, and the drill rod is directly in contact with the material during the crushing operation. .


The accumulator mainly plays a buffer protection role, which can prolong the service life of the breaker to a certain extent.


      Generally, small crushers or breaker hammers with a diameter of less than 135 mm are not equipped with accumulators.


      You will think: the structure of the crusher of each brand will not be much different, then what type of breaker should I choose for my excavator?


      If the model and tonnage of the excavator are different, it is necessary to select different types of breakers to ensure that the working pressure and flow of the excavator hydraulic pump are within the parameters of the breaker. Due to the different types of brands, the appropriate type of breaker can be selected according to the tonnage of the excavator shown in the parameter.


      Note that the working pressure and working flow in the breaker need to match the hydraulic performance of the excavator, and the diameter of the drill rod and the striking frequency can be selected according to the conditions of the working conditions.


      For example, if the broken thicker road surface or the harder material can be selected, the diameter of the drill rod is larger and the hitting frequency is higher. The hammer hammer striking force is relatively large, and then the special drill rod is matched according to different working conditions, so that the operation effect is better. The specific choice still depends on the working conditions and price factors. After all, the price of a broken hammer is more than tens of thousands of yuan.


      The brackets of various hammers on the market are also different. They are divided into: side type, top type and silenced type. 

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