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Pile breaker have become an important excavator attachment for cutting cement piles

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Pile-breaking machine is a new type of pile-breaking equipment which has been gradually rising in China in recent two years. It also has another name, Pile-cutting machine, which replaces blasting and traditional methods of breaking. It can break concrete without pressure wave, vibration, noise and dust. It has many advantages in the field of concrete demolition, such as safety, high efficiency, energy saving and so on.

With the popularization of pile cutter and pile breaker in the industry, more and more engineers are using or intending to use this equipment. The popularization of pile breaker of pile cutter can not be separated from the changes of environment, such as the increase of labor cost, the constraints of construction period and so on.

Pile cutter pile breaker construction speed is favored because it is tens of times faster than manual work. At first, this equipment was produced more abroad. In recent years, with the increase of domestic manufacturers, the market has become mixed.

Pile breaker of pile cutter manufactured by major manufacturers basically adopts highly modular combination, through pin-shaft connection module, through the combination of different modules, to cut off the diameter of pile head in a certain range. However, the actual number of modules is quite different. For example, the number of modules needed to break a 1.5 meter pile head is different among the major manufacturers. Some need 12 modules, while others need more. This number will involve the purchase amount and efficiency in the later period.

In addition to the different number of modules, the drill rod stroke of a single module is also different. The different drill rod stroke of the module means that the breakage degree of the broken pile head is different in unit time. The outside of the pile head is obvious, while the internal breakage degree mostly depends on the drill rod stroke of the module.

The weight of the module is another factor to distinguish the performance of the pile breaker. Although the heavier module needs more transportation costs, the weight of the module is closely related to the pressure it bears, the efficiency of pile breaking and the diameter of the pile that can be broken. Being able to break down the larger diameter of piles means that the accepted projects are not limited, as long as the corresponding modules are added or subtracted, without replacing another brand of modules.

Besides its own performance, the service of the manufacturer is also very important. For example, the choice of logistics speed, installation personnel to the site time, after-sales service and so on.

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