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Precautions - Hydraulic Crusher

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1 Warm-up Procedure for Hydraulic Breakers
2 How to storage hydraulic breaker
3 General rule

At Our Rayattachments, we often experience issues with hydraulic hammers leaking on very cold days, regardless of the make and model. This is because the seals used in hydraulic hammers are typically made from rubber, plastic, or polymers, which become stiff and inflexible in cold temperatures. Additionally, hydraulic fluid loses viscosity when it's cold, which reduces its ability to protect the internal components by providing a sufficient film.

Using a hydraulic breaker when it's completely cold increases the risk of seal damage, leading to leaks. Moreover, without the protective film between the internal components, premature wear of the cylinder, piston, valve, and other parts can occur.


Warm-up Procedure for Hydraulic Breakers

To properly warm up your hydraulic breaker before using it, there are a few steps you should follow. Firstly, allow your machine to idle as you typically would, to warm up the engine.

Next, you need to heat up the hydraulic oil by exercising the functions on the machine. This means lifting and lowering the boom, moving the stick in and out, curling and uncurling the bucket, swiveling the machine, and so on. However, make sure you do not engage the ground while doing this. By exercising these functions, the hydraulic oil will circulate and warm up, allowing your hydraulic breaker to work effectively and reducing the risk of seal damage and leaks.


Once hydraulics are warmed up:

If you're using a hydraulic hammer, make sure the stick shutoff valves to the hammer are open once the hydraulics are warmed up. To warm up the hammer hydraulics and auxiliary hydraulic circuit, run the hammer at half RPMs or half throttle for the first 30 minutes.

After the warm-up period, you can operate the hydraulic breaker as you normally would. Just make sure you don't cycle the hammer continuously for more than 20 seconds at a time, and lubricate it with chisel paste every two hours.

How to storage hydraulic breaker

When it comes to hydraulic hammer storage, we've noticed that there's often a high frequency of repairs needed in the Spring for all makes of hydraulic breakers. While some of these repairs may be due to a return to regular use in temperate areas, we've found that many of them are actually caused by water damage to the piston and/or cylinder of the hydraulic hammer.

It's important to keep in mind that hammer seals are designed primarily to keep oil in, not to prevent water from getting in. To avoid needless damage and expensive repairs, steps can be taken to prevent water from infiltrating the hydraulic hammer during storage.


General rule:

As a general rule, it's important to never store a hydraulic breaker outside in a horizontal position.

When storing a hydraulic breaker, there are a few guidelines to follow:

If the breaker is on the carrier, it should be kept in a vertical position.

If the breaker is off the carrier, make sure to properly cap or plug the hoses or flanges. Avoid using red rags for this purpose. If you have a solid and safe stand, it's best to place the hammer in it when it's not being used. The best stands will allow the piston/tool to "drop" or "rest," which will relieve pressure on the hydraulic hammer's nitrogen chamber.

If you don't have a stand, you should still safely chain the hammer and lean it against something solid to keep it at as steep a vertical angle as possible.

If you absolutely must store the hammer horizontally outdoors, you should safely place a solid block under the head bracket to achieve a downward angle. Additionally, it's best to place a tarp over the hammer for protection.

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