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Principle of vibro ripper

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(1) the working principle of vibro ripper is that the hydraulic motor is rotated by the hydraulic power source, so that the eccentric wheel in the vibrating box turns at the same angular velocity. The centrifugal force produced by the rotation of the two eccentric wheels will counteract each other in the same time in the direction of the central line of the rotating shaft, and the components in the vertical direction of the axis of the rotating shaft are superimposed on each other, and the vibration force of the broken rock is formed at the end.

Some rock dynamic test results show that the breaking time of rock body decreases significantly with the increase of excitation frequency. Therefore, it is very important for the construction crushing equipment to have the ability to adjust the excitation frequency. In terms of adjusting the excitation frequency, the products in early 1990s mainly depended on changing the size of engine throttle or using variable frequency motor. The current product is not only that, but also can control the vibration frequency by adjusting the displacement of the hydraulic pump, making it easier for the builders to find a vibration frequency with high crushing rock efficiency.

(two) for rock, the greater the exciting force and the amplitude, the stronger the resultant force, the stronger the nonlinearity, the faster the fracture decomposition of the rock body, and the more breaking of the rock body, thus improving the efficiency of the crushing. This is very important for rock bodies with high strength, high shear strength and high bearing capacity. The exciting force amplitude of the high frequency crushing hammer can be expressed as Fc= e Mr Omega, in which the epsilon is an empirical coefficient, mr=M/g is the product of the eccentric mass and radius (M is called eccentricity moment, G is the acceleration of gravity); omega = Pi n/30 is the vibrational circle frequency (rad/s) of the high frequency hammer (rad/s), and N is the speed of the hydraulic motor (r/min). But in addition to the larger eccentric force, increasing the speed of the eccentric wheel can greatly increase the amplitude of the exciting force (impact force) of the high frequency hammer.

Product advantage

1. Vibro ripper at high frequency to produce strong impact energy, whether it is accurate point to point breaking, or split peeling of point and line surface, all have unrivalled operation effect. Its efficiency is 3-5 times higher than that of ordinary hydraulic hammer, so that every input can create greater value.

2. the well designed of vibro ripper, the core component of the main engine adopts a fully enclosed structure, and it can take all kinds of complicated construction environment. Regardless of the surface, underground, or water or mud, the north high frequency crusher makes everything easy and easy.

3. Vibro ripper is different from the piston reciprocating hydraulic hammer, but is driven by a high speed and stable hydraulic motor, which does not produce oil pressure fluctuation on the hydraulic system of the main engine of the excavator, and the performance of the system is more stable.

4. the structural design of the three dimensional shock absorber of vibro ripper is designed to achieve the isolation of the excitation source and the working device of the main engine to a great extent, so that the main engine of the excavator is protected from the shock and vibration damage.

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